Day 1538: Location, location, location

“Location, location, location” is something people say in the real estate biz.

“Location, location, location” is the answer to the question

What’s important to consider when you’re buying a property?

“Location, location, location” is something I said, yesterday, in the location of my office on what I call “the busiest street in America.”

“Location, location, location” was a topic in a therapy, therapy, therapy  group, yesterday.

The location, location, location of these photos are (1) on my iPhone, (2) in my blog, and (3) now appearing on a screen near you.


The location, location, location for banana peels was that trash receptacle in the Tufts Medical Center garage.


The location, location, location for that sign was a wall of Tufts Medical Center, where I went to get my INR blood levels tested yesterday morning.  In the location, location, location of the United States it’s been difficult, difficult, difficult lately to separate myth from fact, but the fact is that my INR levels were in the perfect location, location, location yesterday.



The location, location, location for defibrillators include (1)  the wall of Tufts Medical Center, (2) many places where people might need to be resuscitated, and (3)   my body.


The  location, location, location of that snow, snow, snow is near Fenway Park, Boston, USA.


The location, location, location of that white board is in my office, where I do individual therapy, group therapy, and crisis intervention. Note all the location, location, locations on that board, including Ithaca, the woods, and the suburbs.



Those are two important location, location, locations for me — the ocean and the busiest street in America.


The location, location, location of that amazing St. Patrick’s Day hat is on Anthony’s head.


The location, location, location of that sign is in the fax room at work.


The location, location, location of those gel letters is outside the nurses, nurses, nurses office where I work.


The location, location, location of that helpful, helpful, helpful saying is the white board in my office.

The location, location, location of that caterpillar roll was on my plate, at Genki Ya, our favorite Sushi Restaurant.


The location, location, location for that St. Patrick’s Day cake was Whole Foods Market.


The location, location, location of that saying was on a Yogi tea bag, in my mug, at home.

Since one of the location, location, locations on my white board yesterday was the woods, here‘s my favorite, favorite, favorite song from Into the Woods.

Please, please, please leave a comment in the location, location, location below.

The location, location, location of my gratitude for you, you, and you is always, always, always at the bottom of my posts.



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34 thoughts on “Day 1538: Location, location, location

  1. I hope that you will find your new location soon, Ann 🙂

  2. I love love love that statement: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” How cool is that? A cooler than that chilly pile of dirty snow by Fenway! I too hope for you to find that perfect location very soon, Ann.

  3. This is a fun, hopeful post and I’m delighted that your INR levels were perfect, and it’s a good sign that you had time to take a photo of a St. Patrick’s Day cake and maybe even go for sushi — but did you have to be rescued by paramedics on the street near your work, and did they use a defibrillator on you????? (Waiting for an answer with bated breathe.)

    Hope you are okay. Much more than okay!

    • Everything is okay.

    • Somebody in a car honked at me, angrily, even though I had a walk sign crossing the street (they probably thought I was walking too slowly), and I gave that person the finger, but I was wearing mittens, so it probably just looked like I was waving. That happened on the location, location, location of the busiest street in America.

      • Oh! Thank you for the explanation! I thought the lady in the stick figures rasing was lying in the ground and the sirens were coming for her, and this was to explain the picture of the defibrillator and Anthony was one of your nurses while you were in a drug-induced haze.

        I will happily retool my understanding to focus on you giving somebody the finger. Although it is not clear how many fingers you actually did give….

      • My inability to draw locations located lots of misunderstandings in you, Maureen. Thanks for locating another comment here. I’m now happily giving you a high five — all the fingers on one hand.

  4. Sometimes I think that your location, location, location in Boston, where there are some of the best hospitals, and in particular working right at a hospital, is the best in the world for you. In this case, possibly it’s better to be located near traffic than near water.

  5. When I was in college I heard the phrase “No matter where you go there you are” at least once a week and I realized it meant there’s something special about you that makes each place what it is even if you have to go into the woods to see the king, to sell the cow, or make the potion.

  6. I love the location of your Dog Goggles photo, Ann. It gave me paws for a chuckle! My new home location at A Bitty Better has been wonderful, with a slice view of Onondaga Lake down our street. And my new work location at the library in the middle of the Village of Liverpool has been outstanding!

  7. That’s my favorite song from Into the Woods, and maybe one of my all time favorites from Sondheim. Happy Saturday, Ann, whatever your location.

  8. Location, location, location – being in the right place at the right time. And here I am on a Saturday morning, and I stumbled upon your post for the day. The stars are aligned and this is going to be a good day, an Ann Koplow day – Yay!!!!!!!

  9. I have found that to be here is to be in a very good place. ❤

  10. Location is important you do not want to be located in the middle of quicksand, or in the middle of the desert with not water or shelter but finding your way to this location is always good and can make a person feel happy

  11. Sushi with chocolate icing? Oh my!

  12. FaceTiming means the perfect location.

    Just found how to use a Blogroll. Can now locate your web page on it, and always be able to locate you!
    No one is alone – We are!


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  15. Location, Location, Location is Key!

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