Day 1535: Impulse Control

“Impulse control” is a phrase we use in the psychotherapy biz.

I now have an uncontrollable impulse to share a definition.

Impulse control disorder (ICD) is a class of psychiatric disorders characterized by impulsivity – failure to resist a temptation, urge or impulse that may harm oneself or others. — Wikipedia

I am impulsively and uncontrollably thinking about impulse control this morning, probably because

  • the President of the United States demonstrates impulse control issues on Twitter and
  • some people I know have not controlled their impulses to share their  doubts with me about a decision I recently made.

I hope I control my impulses in responding to people who do not control theirs.

I had photographic impulse control yesterday — I took only these four:





I will not control my impulse to share this video from YouTube:


Please share your thoughts about impulse control in an impulsive and/or controlled comment.

As always, I shall not control my impulse to express gratitude to all who helped me impulsively create today’s post and to you — OF COURSE! — for impulsively reading it.


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46 thoughts on “Day 1535: Impulse Control

  1. Galaxy Quest and Yoga … I couldn’t resist them either Ann!

  2. Sending you supportive thoughts, Ann. It is only 4:40 AM here and I can’t resist the impulse to let you know I am sorry that people shared their doubts with you about a decision you had made. You are the expert in you, as you have taught us, and you have demonstrated yourself to be thoughtful and careful. It is too early in the morning for me to think of a song to send you but I will come back and post one if one mind.

  3. Go with your impulse, Ann, no matter the criticism. (Sorry, Mr. Pres…can’t say the same for you !)

  4. Ann, I just can’t control my urge to write a comment today. More kindness in large doses, please.

  5. I am quickly angry but mostly peaceful – a bit of a dilemma atm. Thanks so much for your wisdom, Ann x

  6. It is troublesome when people share unsolicited advice- I always want to let my impulse go and say “who asked you?”

  7. My first impulse when checking morning emails is to read your blog. Well, okay, first I checked snowfall totals in PA to see what we missed being in Florida! I’m curious about that decision you got grief for. Did you post about It? What day was that post? The nerve!!!

    • I was wondering the same thing.

    • I’m not sure whether I controlled my impulse to blog about it. For now, I am taking the supportive impulses of my readers, including you, to trust my own impulses and ignore the impulsive advice of others!

  8. Hi Ann, I am up early today and so I thought I would come visit you. I sometimes lack impulse control – I think it might be a redhead trait. And so, because of this, if I bumped into any of those people that were giving my friend, Ann, a hard time about one of her decisions, I would say “Pooh on you. Nobody cares what you think. Go off and attend to your own life’s problems, which from my viewpoint requires a great deal of attention, and leave my friend Ann alone.” Sometimes a lack of impulse control can be a good thing. Have a lovely day and know that we stand behind you, in anything you do!!!!!!

  9. I can’t resist the impulse to share what a friend from Los Angeles told me about Galaxy Quest: “It’s science fiction but the way it portrays actors is solid fact.”
    That leads me to wonder if a key to being an artist is going with one’s impulses.

  10. I can only imagine that this decision was something very personal to you. I checked back over recent posts and couldn’t see anything that would make people question your decision to do something. Only you know what’s right or wrong for you. Stick to your beliefs. We love you, regardless.

  11. I had forgotten that cartoon. I’m impulsively thanking you for making my morning. Hold your head high and know you are doing the best for you. Thanks Ann.

  12. And I shall not control my impulse to share my reaction to see the Galaxy Quest DVD in your photos:


    (Yup. Kinda love that movie…)

  13. Wow, reading your post just made me realize that everything is about balance .. I don’t know if you intended this. But I like it.

  14. Well, well, hello there, Sister Galaxy Quest fan! Seems like a lot of your readers are fans, too. Rightly so–by Grapthar’s Hammer, it’s a great movie.

  15. I must say they are a Fantastic Four, Ann Koplow!

  16. When I read the words impulse control I thought of Trump and how he has none, yoga was something that until a couple of months ago didn’t ever try now I do half an hour of it every morning when I use my wii fit

  17. I have not seen Galaxy Quest. My current impulse is to get it and watch.

  18. I would have lots of impulse control if I was around you and all the wonderful food you post!!!!!

  19. Grumpy, you’ve demonstrated excellent impuse control in politely praising the food in this blog

  20. Some of us need impulse control; some need to control our inner restraint.

  21. I know how hard impulse control is. As someone with Borderline Personality disorder, I have difficulty controllin a variety of impulses, from drugs to reckless driving.

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