Day 1531: I miss a lot of things

In my therapy groups, after I write on the board the themes and topics I hear in the room, I say, “I miss a lot of things,” because

  • I’m inviting people to make sure that everything that’s important to them is listed on the board and
  • I miss a lot of things.

I miss a lot of things because my imperfect mind is incapable of noticing and retaining everything that happens around me.

I also miss a lot of things because, no matter what we do, people leave and things change.

Do I  miss a lot of things, here and now?

I miss:

  • my late parents,
  • our previous President,
  • people I used to work with,
  • some of my classmates, and
  • living near the ocean, as I did when I was a child.

Do you miss a lot of things?

I miss a lot of things when I take pictures.  Here’s the latest batch:
















Did you miss the bunny kisses? The soap, in two photos?  The glue? The misplaced meal? My new custom-made t-shirt?  Boston?  Something I brought home from a hotel in Edinburgh? Two cartoons I missed when I first published this post an hour ago? If you missed those things,  look again.

I miss a lot of things, but today I’m not missing music


… and I’m not missing the opportunity to thank those who helped me create this post and to thank YOU.



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51 thoughts on “Day 1531: I miss a lot of things

  1. It feels good to not miss you this morning Ann!

  2. I try never to miss reading your blog.

  3. Thanks for capturing so much, Miss Ann Koplow.

  4. Oh…the T shirt. Reminds me of one of my favorite Beatles’ lyrics. “She’s leaving home after living alone for so many years”. 💘

  5. I miss my Dad.

  6. It’s interesting to me that we use the same word to mean we overlook or don’t see something and to mean we feel a sense of loss for someone who was once part of our lives. And there’s the British expression, “give it a miss”, meaning to purposely avoid something.
    Sometimes I miss things because I get so wrapped up in thoughts like this.

  7. I miss things too, and still we nee to continue. I love your Brexit cartoon… that will be so true. No one knows how it will be really… I guess just everything more expensive….

  8. I miss my friend, my lover, my husband. I miss being young. I miss my little boys, now grown men. I’m glad all that missing goes missing for vast quantities of time, because to stand there missing them is paralysing.
    So. I miss my people and put it away and just allow a little thought or two and live and laugh and breathe. I hope you don’t miss the intent of my response Ann. Have fun today.

    • I’m not missing your intent and I feel honored that you didn’t miss the opportunity to express all this here. ❤

  9. Maybe it’s because it winter and I’m sick of the cold, but I miss the sand between my toes and being gently rocked in the warm ocean in the Dominican Republic. Lately, I’m also missing my dad, Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  10. Hi Ann, I miss seeing your thoughtful posts every morning, but I am happy to see you today. I miss a lot of things too, and wish when I was living the moment, I had really taken more things in, really appreciated that time. I look at pictures of my boys when they were young, and really wish I had completely appreciated them at that moment and not fixated so much on getting them in one piece, well-developed, well-educated and well-mannered into the future.
    I wish I had really appreciated the 70s, because looking back, it was such a great time, a simple time, and I let it slip past me. I miss the 70s too. Thank goodness I can still listen to the music.

  11. I miss my mom (departed) and my son who lives in London, England. I also miss your last president.

  12. HAhaha. I totally missed the glue, I thought it was a baby bottle!! I also missed the popsicle soap. But I saw the Duck!! And I miss my sister in Norfolk, Va.

  13. I miss going to see my nanna on a Wednesday, I also miss being a size 14-16 just saying

  14. Alone in the presence of others, one of my
    Most favorite winnicott concepts. 💜

  15. I miss a lot of things too Ann, I sometimes miss Oscar and Harley!

  16. I miss a lot of things, too, but not that happy dog’s face or the purple rubber duck!

  17. Resilience is such a help

  18. I miss being awake more of the day.

  19. I miss a lot of things. However, I miss people in my life the most and I’m still struggling to absorb their wisdom and to cope with the vast emptiness they left.

  20. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm their ar sum things i do not miss like i never miss a meel or a chanse to wurk with mama but their ar also sum things wot i di miss most of all my brother tucker and my sister trixie!!! ok bye

  21. I miss your camel avatar, too, because I used to be able to see instantly whether you had replied to people’s comments when I popped in to check. Now I can on my iPad because there is a paper backing behind your replies, but that doesn’t seem to show up on my phone,

    • I’m sorry I’ve made changes that make you miss the past, Maureen. I’m grateful for your unmissable comments. ❤

      • Oh, don’t worry! It wasn’t a camel anyway, it was a cat of some sort, with glassses Imthink. But I am happy with any picture you use. It was the camel dress in your post that made me think of that. We have had a weirdly long winter here. I think my brain is shrinking.

  22. Cheers to finding our passion and making happiness!

  23. I miss the mystery of secret crushes!

  24. I have one of the biggest misses, I think. I miss my youth, after finally realising it has gone and wasn’t just taking a day off!

  25. I especially relate to how you talked about missing things as in missing something lost or gone by/in the past. I wrestle with that and was just writing about it myself. Life can be hard when there’s something or someone that you miss terribly (as I’m sure you well know after some of the losses you mentioned). For me acceptance has certainly been a process – not instantaneous! 🙂

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