Day 1529: Compassion will make you beautiful

I hope you have compassion for the beautiful teabag I encountered yesterday morning:


Do you believe that compassion will make you beautiful?  Do you see beautiful compassion in any of my other photos from yesterday?



















That is the beautifully compassionate Dr. Deeb Salem. When I asked him yesterday how he thought I was doing, his compassionate  reply was, “I think you’re doing great.” Isn’t that beautiful?

Here‘s a beautiful and compassionate song.

Thanks to all the beautiful people who helped me create today’s post and to all my beautiful readers — of course! — for having the compassion to visit me, here and now.

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33 thoughts on “Day 1529: Compassion will make you beautiful

  1. There is nothing more sexy than a compassionate doctor, especially when you’re in their care. I love the photo of you and Dr. Salem. That joy is frame worthy ❤

  2. From the way you look in your photo with Dr. Salem, I think you’re doing beautifully as well, Ann! ❤

  3. Good morning, Ann. I’m thrilled too that Dr Salem gave you such a rave review! 👍❤😎 Have you seen the funny pain scale? Wish I could add it here so all could see, but iPad won’t let me 😳

  4. You’re doing beautifully well Ann, and that is a beautiful image!

  5. Beautiful indeed 💛🙏💛

  6. Hope you feel as good as you look, Ann.
    Dr. Salem tells it as he sees it!

  7. Compassion always adds to the beauty, and maybe, even diminishes the ugly. The vintage photos are wonderful.

  8. Compassion will make you beautiful and will make the world beautiful too. The compassion you give out will have a ripple effect and, as we’re so often reminded, just a few degrees–or less–separate us from each other. Your compassion and well-being will reach, and be reflected by, all those around you–including Jackie Chan.

  9. A wise tea bag

  10. I know it to be true Ann. ❤️

  11. Great POST!! My favorite all time bumper sticker said


    Well, I did like one that said Smuck Fog also…

    Anyway, your journey is so inspirational.

  12. Great picture of you and compassionate Dr D. Salem. You look great!

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