Day 1528: Other people’s worries

Hello, people!  Do you have worries, right now?

If you do have worries, how might that affect me or other people?

Does anybody worry about how your worry might make other people worry?

Don’t worry, people!  I’m now getting to the point of this post.

Lately, as I recover from open heart surgery, I have noticed other people’s worries about me.  Other people’s worries result in worried questions, like “Are you sure you’re up to this?”  “Are you doing too much?”  “Are you taking on too many things, too quickly?”

I’m not worried about these other people’s worries. Instead,  I appreciate their concern.

However, I do not take on their worries.  I’ve got enough worries, of my own.

Today, I’ll be seeing my cardiologist, Dr. Deeb Salem. If he’s worried, THEN I’ll be worried.

Are other people worried about whether I have any photos to share today?






Don’t worry, people, I’m going to explain that last photo.  Yesterday, a water main broke in the Longwood Medical Area  of Boston.  Other people besides me were very late to work.  Did that worry me?  No.   Did it affect my sense of self worth?  Don’t worry about that, either. I and many other people have been working on keeping our sense of self worth protected from everything that comes at us, including other people’s worries.


I hope people aren’t worrying about what YouTube video I’m going to share. When I search “Other people’s worries,” THIS comes up:

I’m not worried about those dogs. Are other people worried?

Other people who regularly read this blog are not worried, I’m sure, about whether I’m going to express gratitude to all who helped me create this post or to you — of course! — for being here, now.


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23 thoughts on “Day 1528: Other people’s worries

  1. I wonder how much that dog house would cost with a view of the water, Ann. Ha!

  2. Those dog houses…wow. Of course, every dog knows that their real house is the one built for the humans.

  3. An insightful observation on the concern of others, Ann. I remember having to learn not to reassure others worrying about me

  4. I try not to take on other people’s worries, but sometime it’s hard not to. Here in Naples FL we are only a mile from the western edge of a huge brushfire. The smell is overwhelming. Thankfully, despite the fact that I have asthma, my asthma is well under control, even if the fire is only 30% contained. Thinking good thoughts for you at Dr Deeb’s today!

  5. I hope Dr Seen does not make you worried, Ann. Good luck!

  6. Autocorrect! Dr Deeb

  7. I have enough worries of my own without taking anyone else’s. And if I did take another person’s worries I’d be worried that I should give them back.

  8. Don’t worry, be happy! I do wander down that worry path but break out of worry moods by making lists, making sure I have everything covered and play my music loud! I find that I get a bit irritated when people worry about me, but I guess they care. Don’t worry, I’m sure Dr. Deb will be happy with you!

  9. My mum knows that we worry about her and at times she is worried about us worrying about her at other times she is too sick to worry about anything

  10. Oh the dog houses, Anne! I was laughing by the princess palace. I also thought of the inimitable Steve Goodman (Go Cubs Go, City of New Orleans) and a song called Somebody Else’s Troubles, which would be a nice addition here. Enjoy!

  11. I worry too much about my husband’s well being. I’m the people in your circle constantly concerned, constantly asking “are you ok?” I annoy myself with with my worry. I believe I saw this post for a reason. Thanks for sharing this message, I think it was meant for me.
    Dr. Salem looks like he has loving, healing hands. I wouldn’t worry about his talent!

  12. I’ve learned to take other people’s worries with a grain of salt.

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