Day 1523: Confused?

Confused?  You’ve come to the right place.

Confused?  You’re not alone.

Confused?  How could we NOT be confused?

Yesterday, I was confused by:

  • people,
  • politics,
  • politicians,
  • accessories,
  • cats,
  • cars,
  • possessions,
  • advice,
  • attachments,
  • the press,
  • the tax code,
  • time,
  • the internet,
  • television,
  • rules,
  • contracts,
  • parking,
  • my iPhone,
  • music,
  • literature,
  • responsibility,
  • liability,
  • signs,
  • food,
  • geography,
  • language,
  • tension,
  • houses,
  • magazines,
  • words,
  • pictures,
  • beginnings,
  • endings,
  • my own thoughts and feelings,
  • other people’s thoughts and feelings, and
  • so much more.

Confused by any of these photos?




















Yesterday, I was confused and delighted when my walks to and from work started and ended with two versions of the same song.


I hope the staff at cardiac rehab isn’t confused when I’m steppin’ out there at 7:30 this morning.

No matter how confused or confusing I am, I won’t forget to thank all those who helped me create this  post and you — of course! — for visiting this confused cat, today.


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27 thoughts on “Day 1523: Confused?

  1. No confusion regarding how much I enjoy your blog and the music of Joe Jackson. I do get a little confused though when my wife tells me I’m worth having around because I never fail to untangle a blob of her jewelry, and there have been many blobs. I guess we all have some value to humanity. Good luck with re-hab.

  2. Protect the Press indeed, Ann.
    Here’s something I check everyday to ease my confusion. Note the recent addition under the Masthead.

  3. Confusion…”believe half of what you see, none of what you hear.” ?????

  4. Wow, that’s some confusingly tangled jewelry! I hang my two necklaces that are on chains from a little hand towel rack that sits on the bathroom counter. Did you ever get them separated?

    • I hang several necklaces separately, Sunny, but I wanted to wear the black cat pendant yesterday. Unfortunately, that’s been confusingly tangled up with several other necklaces for years. I did extricate one necklace from that confused jumble, but not the one I wanted. Maybe I’ll unconfuse and detangle the rest of them this weekend. Thanks for the non-confusing comment

  5. I am confused by several of your photos. Why is the jewellery tangled? Whose is it? What was on track 4 at 9:48 in the morning? Why are there 2 similar photos of noodles?

    But I am quite happy to be confused and to make up my own explanations. Hope you have a not-too-confusing day.

    • Maureen,

      1. Jewelry gets tangled.
      2. It’s mine.
      3. One of the pieces from the “100 classics” collection was playing. I’m too confused to remember which one.
      4. I often take more than one photo of something.

      I am quite happy you commented and I hope my explanations are not too confusing.

  6. Marcia Dubreuil

    I am never confused. I prefer to think of myself as perplexed, which puts quite a bit more responsibility on the world for how I feel. In recent months, I am daily dumbfounded by the state of things and, if I can summon the courage, bemused. Most all the time I feel mystified.
    I don’t think you are ever really confused either, Ann. You are just negatively capable! Remember, as Mark Twain said, god only created Man because he was disappointed in the monkey.

  7. I was briefly confused by the word “irromible” which at first I thought was like Edward Lear’s “runcible”, but I checked and it’s a perfectly cromulent Spanish word.
    Now I’m confused over what the Spanish for “cromulent” might be, but that’s the beauty of language.

  8. Confusion is the norm for human civilization.

  9. I am confused by the state of your tangled necklace which looks quite similar to your dinner! Hope you managed the untangle!

  10. Confusion is growing by leaps and bounds these days. Information overload makes my head feel like your necklace … lol.

  11. I love the creative way you set up the posts I have read!

  12. I’m confused. How do you untangle those necklaces and that spaghetti?

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