Day 1522: Found objects

A couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t find the mallet for my mindfulness chime.


I objected to that loss, because I’ve been using that mindfulness chime in every group therapy session I’ve facilitated over the last four years. I looked and looked for the missing object, but it was nowhere to be found.

Because my groups would object if I stopped using that chime for mindfulness, I used  different found objects to ring it, including pens, scissors, markers … whatever object I found that would make a sound.

Eventually, I ordered a new chime, which I found in the mail last week.

Yesterday, I opened my umbrella …


… and found this object:


I guess that found object had fallen into my closed umbrella at work and then hid there until I found it weeks later.

I hope you don’t object to my finding these conclusions about that found object:

  1. When objects seem lost, they may very well be found again.
  2. Hope is the best found object of all.
  3. There are interesting objects to be found, everywhere:












I found two teabags with the same message yesterday!  I didn’t object.

Here are some Found Objects I found on YouTube:


You’ll always find gratitude at the end of my posts, for every person and object that help me create them and for you — of course! — who’ve found this blog, here and now.



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31 thoughts on “Day 1522: Found objects

  1. Beautiful.
    It is only 4:29 am here so I won’t hit any high notes with this post. Just wanted to chime in and let you know that this one resonates with me in a good way.

    I am glad that you found your matching mallet.

  2. I find my day is starting with a smile at the thought of you with the choice of two mallets, Ann. 🙂

  3. Isn’t it fun to find something you’ve given up on finding! My husband lost a stainless step water bottle atbth gym. He looked everywhere there the next day, and th y scoured two lost-and-founds there to no avail. So naturally we went to BBB and bought a replacement. The next day we asked again and the woman at the front desk opened a cupboard behind her and brought out the lost object. Someone had turned it in that morning.

  4. Found objects are always the best. Even when you didn’t realize you lost it in the first place ??

  5. Some mornings, I find it hard to find my smile hiding in the darkness. And then I come here and I find myself smiling! 🙂

  6. Isn’t that something? I felt a surge of relief when you found the mallet. By the way, is that a cannoli?

  7. Years ago, when there were still rag and bone men with carts, a friend and I saw a single shoe fall from one of these conveyances. My companion said: “I’ve always wondered why you never see two of those in the middle of the road”. You have already seen this differently relevant post, Ann:

  8. As I looked through your pictures I found this piece of advice: “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” It’s not just found. It’s profound.

  9. My television remote has a way of hiding in plain view. The front side is silver-colored and the back is black. Of course, my mental template for the remote is the silver side, so I never can find it in plain view if it is face down, showing the black body! Once, I went two days looking for the remote only to find it, face down, right next to my chair!

  10. It’s nice to find something that has been lost. I would feel bad to lose that polka dot glove…

  11. Hey, Ann, my husband wonders whether you can ask your mallet if it knows where our car keys are?

  12. Found objects are a relief. Haha about what Maureen said.

  13. I am glad you found the mallet- though it had to rain in order to find it. I hope that pretty polka dot glove found its mate- too pretty to be alone

  14. I think the mallet hid on purpose. I know my car keys and wallet are constantly hiding from me and snickering while I search for them in a panic. I have even dumped my purse twice or checked my pockets TWICE…but the third time…well, the lost objects take pity on my and change back into their usual forms and there they are…sneaky little devils. Of course, the mallet waited until you ordered a friend for it before it made itself known. 🙂

  15. I love finding things that have been lost, including my mind at least once a day.

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