Day 1510: Patience

If you’ve had the patience to read all my daily posts (including this one), you might remember that a very helpful aptitude/personality test I took decades ago revealed three high indications of impatience. Therefore, patience is a virtue I work on, every day.

Yesterday, I saw these two indications of patience:



That cup and that bunny are inspiring me to be patient, especially as I look for a new home and continue to heal from heart surgery.

Do you have the patience to look at all my other photos from yesterday?































Do you have the patience to listen to the music I’ve chosen today?

If you have the patience to leave a comment, I have the patience to read it and respond.

Many thanks to all who helped me create this patient post and to you — of course! — for your patience, here and now.

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35 thoughts on “Day 1510: Patience

  1. I have found now that I’m retired I have a LOT more patience. I hope the kitty and bunny find new homes soon…and you too…though I must have missed the part about you needing a new home.

    • Thank you for your patient comment, Dawn. I don’t have to find a new home but I’m looking for a new place near water, to help soothe my impatient mind.

  2. Feeling the flow of love, Ann.

  3. My dear friend Ann, I know that you have patients. And you are a patient. I love your baseball photo, big sky, and the cow photo, big buy. Have a great weekend, antsy one.

  4. I can be very patient for ages, then surprise everyone with impulsiveness

  5. I once wrote a little poem:
    Patience is my hardest class
    In this thy school
    But I shall pass.

  6. I’ve been known to be patient. I’ve been known to be impatient. And in between, I’m everything in- between!

    I am currently patiently waiting for the outcome of your search for a home by the sea.

  7. Hi Ann, how are you? Yes, I have a great deal of patience, which is probably why I work in Pediatrics and love to garden. I don’t however have patience with people that are unkind to animals or children or trees. I don’t have patience with people that talk non-stop, or talk loudly. People in California talk loudly, drives me crazy!!!!

    I hope your house hunting goes well. I envision you sitting in a little cottage, with a picket fence, covered in rambling roses, kitty-cats sunning themselves on the front porch and the sound of the waves, and the seagulls in the distance. I will patiently continue to think of this house until it has found you.

  8. Have there been times in your life when you wished time would slow down, when you had more of it? We know we feel impatient when we wish time would hurry by but there’s no term for the feeling of wishing time would slow down. If only we had a word it might help make those times when we wish time to hurry more bearable.

    • When I searched for a term for the feeling of wishing time would slow down, I found this quote from Wendy Drummond:

      “Sometimes I wish time would stop, so I could catch up with it.”

      I’m always so happy when you catch up with my blog, Chris, and when I catch up with yours. Thanks for your patience.

  9. Being patient with myself is one of my biggest challenges–until I get impatient with someone else. Like Christopher above, I would love to have a word for ‘wishing time would slow down.’ Right now I could use it. My adult daughter is leaving tomorrow to return to the West Coast. I want to make the clock run backwards. Slowly. For a long time.

  10. I am terribly impatient, but did have patience to read your entire blog Ann. I hope that is not your phone you took a photo of, because the buttons are so dirty I almost jumped into the screen with a Lysol wipe to clean them off. Have a good weekend

  11. I will patiently wait for an answer to what the picture of the small nuclear explosion with the yellow flame is. What a set of pictures this blog. I hope the poor animals up for adoption get good homes soon.

    • I have no idea what that thing with the flashing, color-changing LED light is. It was on the floor of the garage where I park my car. It’s a challenge to be patient with all the unknowns out there!

  12. You sure did a lot of walking around taking pictures for a heart patient. I got a little impatient looking at all the pics until I got to the basket with the smiling face on it. My father wrote a song in 1929 titled “We all Want What We Want When We Want It.” I think your patience will be rewarded.

    • Thank you for having the patience, Elva, to look at all those pictures and to comment, too. I wish I could hear your father’s song; I would patiently wait for that opportunity.

  13. “Patience is necessary, and one cannot reap immediately where one has sown.”- Soren Kierkegaard

  14. I had the patience to visit your blog twice today and I still like the photo of you looking very happy under a clock the best.

    • However, although it is still today for me, it is already tomorrow for you.

      • On Friday, I forgot to bring my work clothes with me when I went to cardiac rehab early in the morning. Rather than get impatient with myself, I asked Danise to take a photo of me so I could send it to my friend and co-worker, Megan, for feedback on whether I was dressed appropriately enough to come into work. Danise took a photo of herself (shown above) and then took the photo of me, which I texted to Megan.

        Thank you for having the patience to visit my blog, comment, and read my replies.

  15. LOVE the video!
    I am a very patient or tolerant person, right up until the second I’m not. Then you better look out.

  16. I wonder am I a patient person, I think I am but I am not sure, my mum is a patient person but she doesn’t like being a patient and is hoping to go home from hospital today she wants her own bed and bathroom

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