Day 1493: Lists

Yesterday, I made several lists, including:

  1. a list of questions to ask my cardiologist, Dr. Deeb Salem, at our appointment today,
  2. a list of the roles I occupy in my life, because we were discussing roles in my therapy group yesterday, and
  3. a list of the things that make me feel bad, because I was feeling bad last night.

Well, at least I wasn’t listless.

Do you make lists?  What kinds of lists do you make?

On my list of “How to Create a Daily Blog Post” is sharing my latest photos.









On my list of favorite classical composers is Franz Liszt.  Did you know his last name is pronounced “List”?  My son, who is always on my gratitude list, likes to play this Liszt composition on the piano:

When I was my son’s age, that was on my playlist, too.

On my gratitude list this morning are my son Aaron, my boyfriend Michael (for the delicious bluefish last night and so much more), Dr. Salem, Franz Liszt, Valentina Lisitsa, people who heal in groups, orchids, lists that help me move on, and — of course! — YOU.

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33 thoughts on “Day 1493: Lists

  1. Yes, I make list, one to remind me things I have to do, and the other about some worries and when I have a doubt I read it to remember how I should act..

  2. I would be lost without my lists!

  3. Your lists make sense. I don’t make them, because: 1. They deprive me of forgetting and having to go back and think again. 2. On the whole, for me, they are just a procrastination technique.

  4. Your list to Dr Salem is very concerning. I hope you get some reassuring answers and also that your doctors help you feel better. I notice that your phone was nearly out of batteries just after 7 in the morning and I thought that maybe you missed some sleep last night. (I hope you have your charger with you.)

    Good luck today!

    • I charged my phone soon after I woke up. Thanks for your concern! It took a while during my visit today (which included Dr. Estes being called in for a consultation), but I did finally get some reassuring answers.

  5. I’ve always found the best part of lists to be the feeling of accomplishment that comes when I cross off things I’ve done. That’s why whenever I make a list I start it with “1. Make a list.”

  6. Lawrence J. Siskind

    My eyes g-list-en when I read your posts.

  7. Yes I am list and so is Tim and all our girls we are a family of list makers

  8. You and Liszt are at the top of my list Ann.
    Hope your doc appointment went well today, and you got some things crossed off yours. 💛

  9. Looking forward to hearing how it went. ((Hug))

  10. It’s always clear to me that no matter what is pressing you, you somehow manage to put gratitude on your list. If you could only “bottle and sell” that beautiful quality. 🙂 I do make lists, Ann. All the time. Then I never look at them again. LOL! I mostly use the list to organize my thoughts and typically once written, I don’t need the list any more.

  11. Franz Liszt is also in one of my lists.

  12. The F word can be funny, such as when it is used on a book cover for humour (“These people give a f— about this book”). But it can make an already hurtful statement much more hurtful. (“A waste of my f–Ing time!”) Even though as a therapist you probably spend a fair bit of time around some very stressed people, I hope that nobody has ever said that to you.

    Franz Is an excellent F word, and my whole family enjoyed Franz Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody, that you posted here. Now I will listen to Maria’s version.

    • Another f-ing great comment from you! “A waste of my f-ing time” was a quote that was overheard at a recent Paul Ryan press conference. So far, nobody has ever said that to me. ❤

  13. My Mom survived on lists. It kept her world in order. However, I am an index card fanatic!

  14. I make grocery lists, to-do lists, work lists, and that’s about it. I figure at my age there isn’t much need to keep track!

  15. I’m list making obsessed and recently began using an app called Wunderlist to help feed my list making obsession! I’ve even been known to put things on a list that are already complete just to experience the pleasure of checking them off! I just wrote a post about list making at

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