Day 1492: Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two

For Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two days, I’ve been blogging at WordPress. For about Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two months divided by two, I’ve been aware of this rhyme:

In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two,

Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

This inspires me to write my own rhymes this morning.

In the year Two Thousand and Seventeen

There’ve been some things that I’ve never seen.

A President who makes quick decisions

That hurt me like my old incisions.

I get few hours of precious peace

At cardiac rehab with the great Danise.


You see that chin? Danise is grabbin’ it

Cuz she knows I’d put her on my cabinet

If I ever got elected President.

I’m thankful I’m a long-time resident

Of a part of this divided country

Where lots of others agree with me.


Danise’s relative showed in a tweet

A change of opinion that seems complete.


It hurts when I hear of access restricted.

I cry when the innocent are convicted.


I wonder who is certified smart

And I fear for the future of music and art.


A teabag that speaks out about peace

Provides me a small piece of release.


My boyfriend Michael and my absent son Aaron

Bake a dish together that’s perfect for sharin’.


At the end of the day I get a ration

Of tea, beauty, and some compassion.

In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two,

Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

It was a courageous thing to do

But someone was already here.

And I’m grateful you’re here and there.


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29 thoughts on “Day 1492: Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two

  1. We sit here on the other side of the pond watching with growing alarm at what’s is happening in the US. It is too horrific for words and proves we have learned NOTHING from the past – or then again, maybe the power hungry, wealthy ruling elite DID learn something and are doing it all again because it works FOR THEM. So so sad. 😪

  2. There once was a blogger named Ann
    Whose posts reach from Boston to Bhutan.
    She makes the world better
    With each picture and letter,
    And every one of us is proud to say we’re a fan.

    • There once was a blogger named Chris
      Whose comments are all cool as this.
      His words are delightful
      And thoughtful, not spiteful.
      Each visit from Chris is sheer bliss.

  3. Eleanor

    Just wonderful!!!
    Thank you.

  4. Aha, this explains my Facebook feed. Thank you. Denise would be excellent in cabinet.

  5. A feast for the eyes, a balm for my heart
    Ann’s thoughts inspire and provoke
    Some thought
    Row together as we share this boat
    Uncharted seas on which we float.

  6. Ok I really liked the song quiet a toe tapper and when I saw the title of the post my first thought was something happened in that year but couldn’t at first remembered what till I got here

  7. ❤️ you and your poetic soul Ann. xo

  8. Amanda Curtin

    This is a comment for yesterday”s blog because there was too much to do to reply until today! You would be the perfect president. I know you need to figure out if it is good for you and I know you will. Whatever you decide, I am so glad you were asked! They would be lucky to have you.

  9. You must be singing yourself to sleep. Columbus would have doffed his cap to you. What a wonderful effect!

  10. Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two cat inspirations!

  11. You are witty and wildly wonderful!

  12. Peace be with you every day, Ann! ❤
    I like your cabinet choice, already! I have four coworkers who are in my corner while 196 others love the new Trump. None of us can bear saying President before his name.

    • Peace be with you every day, Robin! ❤

      • Thank you for sending me peace, which turned out to be “peace of mind.”
        Ann, my brother and I packed up my Mom’s senior living apartment. She is in rehabilitation senior place, getting OT and PT. She managed to get through her pneumonia after 5 days in the hospital, but needed strength and some nutrition. At 88, we are entering her into a very nice memory care unit. I thought I would cry but I am relieved. So, thank you for your kind gift sent to me, it got me through the weekend, dear.

      • I appreciate another kind gift from you, dear Robin, and I wish you and your family well. ❤

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