Day 1491: Too much

Yesterday was a day of too much, so I hope this post doesn’t contain too much for my readers.

Early in the day, I met with my friends Janet and Ray, with whom I’ve had too much fun over the years, and we had too much to eat for brunch.  Janet, Ray, and I  talked about too much, including how the new President of the United States had done too much during his first week in office.  We wondered if it was all too much for the country.

Then, I went to Janet and Ray’s wonderful home in West Boylston, Massachusetts, which has too much space for any two people with grown children.  I loved their place too much and took too much time taking pictures. I told Janet that, with all those photos,  creating today’s blog post might be too much for me. When I have too much to share, I often include too much imagery without too much explanation.

After I spent too much quality time with Janet, Ray, and their son Spencer,  I took too much of my realtor’s time on the phone trying to decide whether to put a bid on a house which might have too much space for me and my boyfriend  and which has a price that might be too much.

Finally, just when I thought I’d experienced too much for one day, I took a phone call from Joyce from a professional psychotherapy society.

I had too much concern that Joyce was going to ask me to serve on a committee.  I had decided that would be too much for me, since I’m recovering from too much heart surgery. Instead, Joyce asked me if I wanted to be President.  Because that was too much to take in, I asked

President of what?

Now I need to decide, before too much time passes, whether being President of that amazing organization would be too much for me. Because I don’t have too much confidence about my  Presidential skills, I wrote too much about that to Janet, including this:

I am in a state of shock right now because I just got a call from a member of my professional group psychotherapy organization and THEY ASKED IF I WANTED TO BE PRESIDENT! A very big deal. I didn’t see that coming. My explanation for this is that this is part of the national trend of having Presidents with no experience.

Have I written too much?

Would seventy photos from yesterday be too much for you?




























If  any of those photos are causing too much eyestrain, you can enlarge any one without too much effort just by clicking on it.

I’m choosing this song without taking too much time to think about it:

Any comment you might leave would not be too much for me. It would be just right.

As usual, I have too much gratitude for all who helped me create this post and for you, of course!

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50 thoughts on “Day 1491: Too much

  1. I’ll leave a little comment so it won’t be too much.

  2. This was not too much for me!

  3. President Koplow? Doesn’t sound like too much, of course unless you think it does. Great to see another “Python” fan.

  4. Its never too much British nostalgia and humour Ann! May today balance itself out with a little less 💛

  5. Where do we go from here ??? Great question. The RFK cover…made me nostalgic, and kind of sad. This post was not too much for me, Ann.( Well…maybe the lamp was ??)

  6. The only too much here is not enough time to devour all those photos!

    Though that birthday candle blow out might be a bit too much! 🙂

  7. Oy, methinks somebody collects too much stuff! Great old movie posters, though. And very cute cat. What did he do that was so bad?

    • The Bad Cat is very bad, despite his beauty, Sonnische. He hates people, but unlike any sensible cat who’d go hide in a closet when strangers arrive, he hangs out, staring at them, sometimes hissing and even swiping a claws-out paw if someone gets too close.

  8. As I started reading I was overwhelmed by too many ideas, too many things I wanted to say and share, including my belief that you will make an excellent President. You don’t lack experience. You have a great deal of experience leading groups and listening to and helping individuals.
    And while I was almost overwhelmed by Janet and Ray’s amazing house I focused on one thing that reminded me of this bit of wisdom from a certain starship captain: “Too much of anything, Lieutenant, even love, isn’t necessarily a good thing.”
    I look forward to finding out whether you think taking on such an amazing leadership role will be too much.

  9. Yes!! Ann for president!

    In my experience, heading an organization often involves less work than chairing a committee, or at least the work is more interesting because you can be in the role of facilitator for the people who do the work, and spokesperson. You have the opportunity to set direction, which means less frustration. I think you would be very good at this and enjoy it if there is a good team working with you.

    I am not surprised the house you are considering is pricey, if it is the one in the photo with the Queen!

  10. A true old movie affectionado! Love it all. And you’re never too much. The pres — how often do they meet? If once a month, it might not be too straining. Have your board members do all the work! Ha! If you have any inkling, do it. It’s something you would be perfect for. But don’t task your recovery, either. Not much help, am I?

  11. As for the caption; I choose #5.
    As regarding your presidency. Remember, as is true of our country; there are two ways of thought. The pendulum of power swings to the left and right. We have been on a left swing for 8 years. So when we get a surge to the right, to many it seems quite foreign and frightening. I would imagine the right felt the same after 8 years of a right swing that went left. But, neither lasts forever, for gravity brings the pendulum back to center eventually. And that is the place of balance between the two ways of thought and peace.
    You can do it Ann. Just remember to leave no voice of your members unheard.

  12. To much?
    To much what?
    Happy feelings, great photos, smiling and feeling good can’t have too much of those things

  13. I hope that it’s not too much if I post twice. Kay and Regina’s excellent adventure would be my pick.

    And here’s a link for you,, because the world needs more Rosie the Riveter.

  14. You would be the best president I know. 🙂

  15. Hi, Madame President. So great to see you yesterday and to see all the pictures you took. My favorite is the GI Joe lunch box! Great to see the pix of The Bad Cat too. He’s got quite the death glare, doesn’t he?

  16. Congratulations on being asked to be president- I could see how it might be too much, but even if you do not accept- just being asked is so wonderful Ann! You can never have too much in the way of photos IMHO

  17. That bad cat is my buddy, but all that memorabilia without a picture of me is just too much! Congrats on being president!

  18. Ray S.

    This blog post was way overblown. It reminds me of a Quinn Martin production. Also, it was really great to see you. Stop by anytime. We have more things in the barn you can take pictures of.

  19. Monty Python yay!

  20. I, too, photographed an historic newspaper framed front page yesterday. I must have stood much too close, because it wasn’t in focus.

  21. This post reminds me of a book called The Teeny Tiny Teacher that I used to read to my son. Every other phrase is “the teeny tiny (fill in the blank). With that said, I completely understand your fears over taking on the presidency. I am currently president-elect of a state nonprofit education organization and am a bit nervous to take on the presidency come June. But I look at it like someone had to do it and if others think I’m capable, then I must be. I’m sure you can do the job, it’s more a question of being able to take in the time commitment.

  22. Interesting post, Ann. I loved looking at all the old collectibles. 🙂 — Suzanne

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