Day 1487: What is your greatest strength?

What is your greatest strength?

One of my greatest strengths is asking questions.

Earlier this week, I asked people in a therapy group what their greatest strengths were.  When somebody replied, “I don’t have any strength,” I changed my question to “What are your positive qualities?”

One of my greatest strengths is noticing interesting things around me and taking pictures of them.













It looks like Siri’s greatest strengths include answering questions but NOT driving a car.

A lot of women in the 1970s, including me, saw great strengths in the late Mary Tyler Moore.

Another one of my greatest strengths is expressing appreciation for others.  Thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for all your strengths (even if you don’t feel strong).

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35 thoughts on “Day 1487: What is your greatest strength?

  1. About the way you ask questions…..I wish I had an Ann Koplow sitting on my shoulder throughout the day to ask me questions that helps me reframe what I’m seeing, what I’m thinking. That is a true gift of strength you have.

    Mary Tyler Moore…..simply…..the best. ❤

  2. For those of us who began our “adulting” in the 70’s…who didn’t love MTM ?? She came into our homes, and felt like family. RIP 💘

  3. One of my greatest strengths is really looking and listening, Ann. Thank you for sharing your visions with my eyes and ears today.

  4. Mine is the ability to identify and deal with grudges I have and quickly deal with them.

    It all started several years ago when I decided to give up a huge grudge eating at me for Lent. No give up chocolate or television for Lent business for me! It seemed a better time to prayerfully deal with a weakness – grudge holding – and come through the 40 days prepared and spiritually cleansed for the season. It worked!

    Then I realized I had many small grudges smudging my spiritual growth. Though I still prepare for Easter by giving up grudges for Lent instead of chocolate or some silly thing, the joy of leaving behind negativity is so great, I find any time is time to identify and work through grudges before they grow into something that consumes me.

  5. One of my strengths is to focus on the positive and see Beauty when most around me see doom and gloom. I have a strong strength in being here. Thank you Strong Ann. 🙂 ❤

  6. My greatest strength has to be positivitiy. Rather than let something get the better of me, I’ll turn it round and get the better of It. I did it with depression and came out a better person, and breast cancer has made me count my blessings anbd value so many true friendships. I’ve had the last radiotherapy today, so I’m feeling extremely happy as well!

  7. My greatest strength is meowing Siri to FaceTime!

  8. Wonderful blog! My strength? Perseverance, I think. I was very sad to learn of Mary Tyler Moore’s death and the fact that she was so ill beforehand, that she had lost her sight. I never met her, but my dad was the architect who remodeled her Malibu beach house and it was written up in Architectural Digest with a great photo spread. He loved her. Somewhere in my attic in PA I have an autographed black and white glossy she gave him.

  9. Your strength…strengths…are love, writing, inspiration, photography, art, friendship…need I go on? I don’t, because I think those are MY redeeming qualities too!

  10. It’s fascinating that when someone says they don’t have any strengths you rephrase the question in a way that allows them to think about it in a different way and perhaps feel more comfortable about answering it. I know some of us have trouble sometimes thinking of positive things to say about ourselves and need the occasional reassurance that we’re gonna make it after all.

  11. One of my favorite strengths is listening. Not just to words, but to tone, atmosphere, facial expressions and all those little body language twitches and behaviors that speak louder than our words. Not just with others, but when I’m feeling brave, with myself. Thanks for the tribute to Mary Tyler Moore. She makes me proud to be a woman.
    Elouise 🙂

  12. One of my great strengths is in wondering about things–like what that ginger person cut out is going to be. I think most of us don’t reflect on our strengths very often. It would probably help to do it more.

  13. The ability to rephrase a question when necessary is clearly one of yours – I’d like to think we share it

  14. I am extremely perceptive and empathetic. So much so that it can be very difficult for me to be around certain people at certain times. I can usually figure a person out and what they are feeling rather quickly.

  15. My strength?
    Do I have a strength?
    I don’t know if I do or not, I am not strong, I fall apart pretty easy I think

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