Day 1477: You are not a fool of the cosmos

Last night, when my car inexplicably would not start,  I momentarily felt like a fool of the cosmos.

However, while I was waiting for the tow truck to arrive, I picked up this book …


… and read the following quote:

“When I think about all the bad stuff in my life, I feel I’m just a goddam fool of the cosmos! It’s humiliating! On a sidewalk crowded with people, I’m the one who’s  stepped in the dog poop. No one else is as stupid or unlucky as I am. The problem is: how can I go forward, how can I trust the future if I feel I am this stupid unlucky guy?”

When I read that passage aloud to my boyfriend, Michael, I did not feel like a fool of the cosmos.

When the tow truck arrived  and my car started up IMMEDIATELY for that guy, I did not feel like a fool of the cosmos.

When I drive my car in to my local Honda dealership and explain what happened, I refuse to feel like a fool of the universe.

I am not a fool of the cosmos for  writing “fool of the universe,” above.   I know I did that because “fool” sounds like “fluke” and I remember the National Lampoon’s “Deteriorata”

… which is a spoof of the 1970’s spoken-word hit “Desiderata.”


I am not a fool of the cosmos for taking these photos yesterday.











Thanks to all the children of the universe who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for being here and now in the cosmos, with me.

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30 thoughts on “Day 1477: You are not a fool of the cosmos

  1. We should ways rescue each other from Dead Dog Beach, as long as we are in this cosmos. That is a great takeaway.

    Someone in my life is likely to leave this cosmos today, and I think she would love to know that she lifted more than a few from that beach in her lifetime.

  2. The Deteriorata was written by Tony Hendra who’s been involved with everything from Monty Python to Saturday Night Live. His memoir Father Joe is about his long friendship with a monk. A bit of Father Joe’s advice speaks to why we should not feel like a fool of the cosmos: “Who are we to judge as contemptible a thing or person whose existence God sustains? Everything, however imperfect, has its purpose.”

  3. It does seem everything happens for a reason though I really like the words ‘fool of the cosmos’ that’s brilliant!

  4. Drink the wild air…love that one. ❤️

  5. Hey chum, you’re not a fool of the cosmos if you ask Michael for that dish!

  6. No fool you, unless we all are. Probably so. The title of that book mirrors just what I said to my husband on Friday night when I got pulled over for speeding, and got off with a warning. It was meant to be, a lesson to watch the signs and my speedometer. And life goes on!

  7. Without children we don’t have adults and without adults you don’t have children just saying

  8. Thank you dear goddess of the cosmos.
    Lets face it, we are all together in stepping on some poop. That’s life! Glad the car is okay along with you 💕

  9. What we should be saying is, “Hey! ~I~ stepped in the dog poop! Me! Claudia Ann! Out of all the thousands of people who walked by it all morning, only ~I~ had the class, the opportunity, to step RIGHT ON THE POOP! How lucky am I? Huzzah!” You have to clean it off your shoe anyway, so why not have fun with it?

  10. Not understanding the title I googled ‘a fool of the cosmos’ and guess what the first entry was.

  11. That grandchildren pillow cracks me up big time

  12. I used to think everything happens for a reason but I am not sure I still do. I think things just happen. I think there may a “plan” for things to happen, but I can’t say it means there is a reason. There is a Hebrew saying “gam zu latovah” when things work out differently than planned but it turns out to be for the best.

  13. I have written a past post with a play on the word, using all its definitions! My favorite fool song is “The Fool on the Hill” and my favorite definition is a trifle or cake layered dessert!! Yummy and next time you or someone else thinks of the word “think dessert!” 🙂 🙂

  14. awsome story.

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