Day 1473: Expectations

Four years ago, when my expectations for this blog were that I would write one post every day for only one year, I published my first post about expectations.

My expectations, here and now, include the following:

  • I’ve learned more about expectations since then.
  • Most people have expectations for themselves and for others.
  • It helps to be aware of expectations and to check them out with other people.
  • Expectations are a form of fortune-telling about the future.
  • My regular readers probably have expectations about the kinds of photos I include in this blog.



























How did those photos match your expectations?

My expectation is that I’ll find appropriate music for this post on YouTube.

I expect that any comment from you would exceed my expectations.

Any expectations about how I might end this post?



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35 thoughts on “Day 1473: Expectations

  1. Even more interesting than I expected. I really enjoyed travelling back in blog time to your earlier post.

  2. Your photo did indeed meet my expectations Ann! ❤
    Diana xo

  3. Love those Folkmanis puppets and have gifted them to many over the years.

  4. Nice post!

  5. I expect so much when I visit this place, and yet you find a way to exceed expectations. Every single time. I loved especially the note on the cats.

  6. I suppose I prefer hope – disappointment is less apparent then

  7. My expectation to wake up each morning and read your blog will continue.

  8. It’s surprising to see how your blogging style has changed–surprising because I have certain expectations of what one of your blog posts will look like. And yet you surprise me every day–you always offer something unexpected.

  9. Do I have expectations?
    Of course I do, I am a normal human after all, some humans expect to fail, to be unloved and unwanted, not this human I know I am loved and wanted but sadly Tim is like that he expects not to receive replies to emails from his family, he expects not to receive any phone calls on his mobile so wonders why he has a mobile I find this sad

  10. I remember well the early days of your blog just before I went on hiatus. I was happy to see you still around when I came back.

  11. That ostrich puppet is amazing. My expectations are always met at your blog!

  12. I have ‘Great Expectations’

    • You mean you’ve read that book, Oscar.

      • “As you know the title of a work is important. In this case, the title, Great Expectations, refers to the protagonist’s desires for his future. In particular, as the novel progresses, Pip desires greater things for himself and his future. He has great expectations about leaving poverty and becoming a gentleman. He has great expectations about shedding his ignorant country boy ways and becoming learned. The irony of all of Pip’s desires is that whatever he achieves does not make him any happier. He is no happier than when he as an apprentice as a blacksmith. In this sense, we can say that these great expectations did not deliver.”

      • Harley, you’re brilliant!

    • I have great expectations for you, Maria, and you always meet them.

  13. Expect the unexpected I always say. I try not to have expectations because they often lead to hurt. 🙂

  14. I love it when you keep exceeding my expectations Ann 💕

  15. This is challenging in relationships. We hardly feel comfortable to express our personal needs and wants, so navigating expectations becomes challenging! Ann, you have me always smiling and thinking. Thank you ever so much! 🙂

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