Day 1472: Room for feelings

There’s room for your feelings.   There’s room for my feelings, too.

There’s room for the feelings you like and for the feelings you dislike.

In therapy group rooms, there’s room for me to remind people that there’s room for feelings.


There’s room for feelings about the rest of my photos from yesterday.











There’s room for feelings about this song.

There’s room for feelings about this post in the comment section, below.

I know there’s room for my feelings of gratitude for all who helped me create today’s post and — of course!  — for YOU.

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28 thoughts on “Day 1472: Room for feelings

  1. I feel I have the room here to express my gratitude to you Ann for the very interesting blog post you create every day. I often read it while sipping my morning coffee out in our outdoor room here in Naples FL called a lanai (which is called a “Florida room” in other parts of the state). Since our friends from the north always ask,”What’s a lanai” here’s what Wikipedia says: “A lanai or lānai is a type of roofed, open-sided veranda, patio or porch originating in Hawaii. Many homes, apartment buildings, hotels and restaurants in Hawaii are built with one or more lānais.” The only characteristics I’m aware of that Naples FL shares with Hawaii are the tropical weather and nearly daily rains in the warmer months, the palm trees and an abundance of colorful flora. Hope I didn’t take up too much room!

  2. Jack and Adam singing in the car? A really a fun way to start the day, Ann. I’m feeling glad I woke up.

  3. I feel joyful when I come here.

    I feel joyful I awoke and a new day is stretching itself into the rising sun.

    and I feel grateful always for people like you in my world.

  4. Often in science fiction we encounter aliens who, we’re told, don’t have emotions–Star Trek being the most obvious example (although any good Trekkie will tell you most Vulcans have emotions; they just suppress them, but that’s another story).
    And yet these supposedly emotionless beings often express feelings: curiosity, compassion, surprise. Data has a desire to be human, to feel, but what is desire if not a feeling?
    What these characters remind us of is that there is always room for feelings because to be alive is to feel.

  5. I loved that song clip. I have never seen it before so will find the movie. Lots of fun.

    I feel better! Thank you for posting.

    • I haven’t seen “Anger Management” either and now I want to watch it.

      I feel better! Thank you for commenting, Maureen.

  6. Every day is like a little gift when I read your posts! Thanks!

  7. I don’t feel pretty, just thought you needed to know that, yesterday I mostly felt hot, something to do with temps in the 40’s°c. I do feel good when I come here for a visit

  8. Rooms for feelings are rooms to eat in!

  9. I feel a game of hopscotch coming on

  10. There are plenty of rooms for all those feelings, but the biggest room I think should be for love.

  11. We recently had the problem of putting our anger, fear & sadness feeling in the closet at my house. Thank goodness they’re all over the floor right now, but how they got there was not very pleasant.
    I think I’m going to copy your house and put it on my fridge as a reminder. Thanks Ann!
    Love the video!

  12. Love the house analogy / metaphor Ann 🎈

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  14. nightfly1991

    Love your post. I am also learning it’s OK to have feelings. It’s OK to have likes and dislikes. I am glad to see someone else is going through the same thing.

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