Day 1471: Sorry!

Sorry!  I don’t know what I’m going to say in today’s blog post.

Yesterday, I said, “Sorry!” to somebody in a supermarket for absolutely no reason. People often say “Sorry!” to each other as they negotiate space.

In my therapy groups, when people say “Sorry!” I immediately reply, “No need to apologize.” Most people there are working on saying “Sorry!” less often.

Last night, I said, “Sorry for your loss” several times at a wake.  As I told my son last night, I’m sorry that I don’t know why a wake is called a wake.

I woke up this morning feeling sorry for myself. Whenever I feel sorry for myself, I remember that soon I’ll be  feeling less sorry.

I’m not sorry that somebody left this note on my car:


My car’s mirror is looking rather sorry this morning.  However, the sorry person who left that note is eager to fix it.

Here are the rest of my sorry photos from yesterday:






Here‘s some sorry music:

I hope you’re not sorry you visited my blog today.

If I didn’t thank all who helped me create this post and — of course! —  you, I’d be sorry.

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45 thoughts on “Day 1471: Sorry!

  1. I’m never sorry for visiting your blog. I am sorry you were at a wake though.

  2. That video…I’m pretty sure it’s too late to say “sorry” for Trump. Who would believe it ? sigh…

  3. That six month old, domestic short-handed tabby looks like she might love a home with a kind family near the sea, although her bio does read a little like rescue centre PR.

    What on earth is that poor animal with the black feet that is face down in the snow? Is it real? I haven’t seen an animal like that. Was it hit by a snow plow?

  4. Ann, I’m very sorry about your mirror, but I’m not sorry the person who did the damage stepped up to make it okay again! Definitely not sorry you posted that video! Just sent it to all (hopefully) likeminded friends.

  5. How nice someone left a sorry note about the mirror mishap. It would be a sorry day to miss seeing your blog and I’ve had a few but am catching up today, Ann.

  6. I too am never sorry when I come to visit. I am sorry on the days when I don’t have time!

    And sorry I don’t have the exact answer to the Wake question but if I remember, people were sometimes accidentally buried who weren’t dead. So, they gathered around the coffin waiting to see if the dead person would wake up (or something like that – sorry if I don’t have it right!)

  7. I was thought I could find out why a wake is called that so I went to the OED but there are no clear answers. Sorry!

    • I’m so glad to wake up this morning and find this comment from you, Chris. No need to be sorry about not having all the answers.

  8. I am sorry about your mirror. That video though…that was priceless! Thank You!

  9. Lawrence J. Siskind

    Sorry but you misspelled “wok.” (Unless you were referring to frying, in which case, sorry.)

    Sent from my iPhone

  10. I am never sorry to visit you and have to say I liked the Sorry clip at the end

  11. Bailey

    Sorry about what happened to your mirror. And love the rest of your post, keep em coming! Heheh
    Take care,

  12. I’ve had a really bad day and I’m sorry I’m in such a crabby mood. But you helped me smile a little. Wish I could adopt the kitty. I’m sorry she has no home yet…but maybe soon.

  13. You are great! I am sorry there are not more people like you out there 🙂

  14. I am not sorry to visit here again! Great video …
    So sorry about the mirror on your car.

  15. As others have said, I’m never sorry for visiting your blog. And kudos to the person who left you the note. It’s nice to know they are sorry for breaking the mirror,

  16. Wakes are called wakes because people sat up with the corpse, staying awake, thus waking the dead, which was often noisy and boisterous! I’m so glad your mirror damager left a note. I hope it isn’t too difficult to fix.

  17. Love means never having to say you’re sorry, but I still say it all the time…Does that count?

  18. I’m never sorry for visiting you. And I hope you are feeling less sorry today Ann. “Sorry” is almost interchangeable with “excuse me” and “my bad” any more.

  19. I’m not sorry to be able to tell you that wake comes from an old English word meaning vigil – the kind that kept people watching over the body through the night.

  20. I apologized most of my life to make others feel their feelings counted. I understand the movement away from this and have one brother who feels my sorry words matake others feel guilty for Not saying sorry. I am not sure if I can or will change. My motivation is out of caring and not trying to be a pitiful person. I liked this post and I will never be sorry when I find time to visit your posts, Ann. Just “sorry” I never seem to have time until my weekends to visit. Then, it is a “mad dash!” 🙂

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