Day 1470: Make waves

Yesterday, I saw this sign in a cafe near the ocean waves, where friendly people were waving at each other and making waves.


Later in the day, I saw Manchester by the Sea with my son, who will soon be flying back over the waves to school in Scotland.

Last night, we both watched Meryl Streep make waves with her speech on The Golden Globe Awards.


Do any of my other photos from yesterday make waves?
















Let the beauty of our souls make waves constantly, continuously, and endlessly.

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19 thoughts on “Day 1470: Make waves

  1. I had to fight back tears when Meryl Streep finished her speech. I hope many not only heard it, but had a light ball go off when they heard her words. Of course she’s going to be vilified by the conservative rags and talk show hosts, but I don’t think she gives a damn,

  2. What a speech. Thank you for sharing that. Let’s all do what we can today to make the world a better place. Lead by example. 🙂 have a great day.

  3. Meryl Streep has made a career of making waves and I’m so glad she’s continuing to do so. At a time when some waves threaten to sweep over us she’s making waves that lift us up and I will never forget her quoting Carrie Fisher, “Take your broken heart and make art.”

  4. Go Tom Brady made waves, cos I had to Google him

  5. I believe in making waves every day — even if they’re so tiny no one notices. That’s how we grow.

  6. What did the sea say to the beach?
    Nothing. It just waved.

  7. Making waves can be such fun

  8. Well you make waves with the food!

  9. Thanks for this catchy tribute to waves – I really enjoyed the signs. I have just posted a poem which I wrote recently called “Waves” in case you have a chance to look at my blog? In the meantime I will continue to ride with my waves! 🙂

    • I apologize that it took so long for me to notice you making waves with this comment. I’m waving to you now!

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