Day 1461: Great

Great!  It’s time for me to write a great blog post on the final great day of 2016.

I have this great tradition, every New Year’s Eve, of listing the 10 greatest things AND the 10 least great things that happened all year.

My son, Aaron (who tops my great list), recently said to me, “I’m sure the worst thing that happened to you last year was your open heart surgery.”  My great answer? “No, it wasn’t.”

Any great guesses about what tops my worst list for 2016?  I hope you know that any comment you leave would be great.

Yesterday,  the great staff at cardiac rehab gave me this:


See that Arm Ergo exercise on that great card?  I felt great about telling the great cardiac rehab staff that  I didn’t want to do that yesterday, since that great new exercise had caused some great pain to return last weekend.  The staff said, “That’s great!  Pain just means your muscles are waking up!”

Cardiac rehab:  Making pain great again.

Are any of my other photos from yesterday great?

























One of my top 10 great memories from 2016 was watching this great Jim Jefferies routine with my great friend Maria two weeks after my open heart surgery:

It was great to see Jim Jefferies with my great son last night at the Wilbur Theater in the great city of Boston (where they recorded his great gun control routine two years ago).

Two of my pictures, above, are inspiring me to share this great song in this end of year post:


In conclusion, thanks to my great readers for supporting me throughout 2016. I have high hopes that we will have more to celebrate in the future.


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55 thoughts on “Day 1461: Great

  1. Happy GREAT New Year 2017, Ann! I had to laugh at the sign that said no pictures or videos allowed and then you of course (rebel!) took a picture, which of course meant if you were caught you would have been ejected. Tee hee …… too funny!!! GREAT post from a GREAT Gal!! Thank you and Bless you!! ❤

  2. Lovely post. I couldn’t begin to guess which was best or worst.
    I have beat Cancer three times in my 73 years on this earth. My personal best is that I still open my eyes every day.
    Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, joyous New Year. xo

  3. I expected to read your lists of the greatest and worst things, to see if my guesses were correct, but you’ve both surprised me and kept me guessing which is great.

  4. Inese Poga Art plus Life

    It’s good you can look at all the health issues from such a great perspective. I’m not that way because I have medical experience and knowledge, but I have to face doctor’s negligence and lack of any expertise every time I see them. My current condition was caused due to misdiagnosis which lead to surgery with all kinds of complications since the surgeon was all over positive guy who told everything was good even when the condition was deteriorating due to his approach which meant: everything is good until it the patient is still alive. I wrote about that here
    I suppose you have lots of strength regardless of bad condition and you are sticking to hope which is certainly great.
    Canadian health care is in a very bad shape, we don’t have specialists, we don’t have enough doctors, so, the waiting times are huge: between 4 months and 8 months. It’s needless to say what happens during this time when a condition is acute, but walk-in clinic’s response is: we cannot do anything much about that.
    I wish you lots of health, strong spirit and much improvement in 2017! Happy 2017!

    • I wish you lots of health, strong spirit, and much improvement, also. I appreciate everything you wrote and I am so sorry that all those unfortunate medical experiences happened to you. Thanks for making my New Year greater with your thoughtful presence. ❤

  5. I think your worst time was when your son left for school or work … my memory is not what is was. This list is great! I must say I laughed out loud at the sign about not taking photos…hahaha!
    All the best to you and yours in 2017!

    • It’s great to hear from you. My son going to the University of Edinburgh made it to my worst AND my best list. All the best to you and yours in 2017 and I look forward to meeting you again here soon!

  6. I hope 2017 is great and free of surgeries! I, for one, am glad to see 2016 go though I know I could make a list of great things that happened throughout the year.

  7. Was Aaron’s leaving for Edinburgh the worst (and best) thing that happened to you in 2016? Was having to have your pacemaker replaced right after your open heart surgery the worst? (I am excluding the election from consideration because that wasn’t specific you.)

    Happy 2017!

    • Happy 2017 to the great Maureen.

      The election felt like it was happening to me, so I counted it as the worst. The pacemaker recall was on the worst list, too, as was missing Aaron. But the best thing that happened in 2016 was Aaron getting into the University of Edinburgh, my first choice for him! Blogging was on my Best list, too.

  8. Happy great new year Ann, wishing you a healthy new year!

  9. If you’re like me, my surgery this summer wasn’t the worst–it was my son leaving for university. I’m more used to it now, and glad he’s home for the holidays! Have a great New Year!

    • I related to everything you wrote in this great comment. Enjoy your son’s visit (as I’m enjoying mine) and have a wonderful new year!

  10. Happy New Year, Ann. May you have a great 2017 without the pain.

  11. Hi Ann, so we survived another year. Yay us!!!!! Here’s to 2017!!!!!

  12. You’re awesome, hope you know that, did I see in the New Year, nope was in bed and asleep when the New Year rolled around, here’s hoping 2017 is a bloody great year for you and yours

  13. The worst thing that happened to me last year was putting my mother and step mother into assisted living places – it seems so final. Hope this next year brings you much joy!

  14. GREAT post Ann 🎉
    I’m thinking that the worry about having to have heart surgery was the toughest thing this past year. The news that the pacemaker was faulty has to be a real doosey too! Of course, saying goodbye to Aaron is likely to be up there too…. (Did he really shave off his beard, or is this an earlier photo?)
    That’s why you are doing So GREAT Ann!!!

    • That is a photo of my great son taken yesterday, Val, so he did shave off his great beard. As always, I get to enjoy a GREAT and thoughtful and perceptive comment from you. I hope there are many great things in store for you in 2017.

      • He does look great Ann! I’m at Newark airport about to get a flight to Edinburgh. I’ll give this great city your best wishes 💕

  15. may your new year
    be in beauty, Ann!
    such a humble recipient
    of skillful love and compassion
    of others 🙂

  16. I am glad that your surgery is over, and that you came out ok..that’s great news in a year filled with bad.

    May 2017 be a great year for you!

  17. Have a great 2017, Ann. You deserve a great year. 2016 was memorable but I’m sure there are parts of it that you’d rather not relive. I guess that old saying from the 80s or was it 90s about ‘no pain no gain’ holds true for your recovery. I hope you heal quickly so the great pain goes away quickly as well. I’m sure the worst part of 2016 was being told your pacemaker was faulty and you had to go under the knife again and all this while your son was away. Wishing you good health, a healthier heart and love and joy in 2017.

    • Carol, it’s so great whenever I see you. Thank you for the great comment and great guesses. I hope you have a great and healthy new year, filled with love and joy. ❤ ❤

  18. Hmmm…maybe having someone tell you you were in heart failure? Glad that’s past! I like the rubber tree painting a lot, and notice Aaron has a new look. Happy new year, Ann.

  19. may your new year be great Ann!

  20. PS, I love Aaron’s new look. We will be able to see his expressions on Skype better. Happy New Year!

  21. The farcical election process beats any surgery. Or was it the day Aaron went to the barber’s?

  22. Happy Happy! I am glad your son made it to #1! My #1 is a crowded place too, with hubby, kids, and grandkids elbowing each other for room! Keep your love flowing!

  23. “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”- William Shakespeare

  24. Living non-judgementally is a noble and worthy goal. It’s something I find incredibly difficult to do, Ann.
    I will read, bake on occasion and power knit (remembering to breathe) and spend time with friends and family to try to be less anxious about the coming year. Keep inspiring the rest of us poor slobs.

  25. Pingback: Day 2487: The difference between good and great | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

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