Day 1457: Steadiness

During this time of the year, I need steadiness.  Where does it come from?

A cup of herbal tea, in the evening, provides some steadiness.


Yesterday, we had the character and commitment to take down the little Christmas tree, which has been looking rather unsteady.








We also had the character and commitment to go to the supermarket, where I had the steadiness to take these pictures:




Then,  while the cats demonstrated steadiness …





…. Aaron and Michael had the character and commitment to make latkes,


… and I had the steadiness to eat lots of latkes with applesauce AND sour cream.




Today, I have the steadiness, character, and commitment to provide individual and group therapy at work.

But first, let’s go with a ready and steady music video.


As I was watching that video of Ready, Steady, Go by Paul Oakenfold, I was remembering a question my steady son, Aaron, asked me yesterday:

When you had your open heart surgery, did you ask them take a picture of your heart?

Before Aaron left for college in September, I had expressed the commitment to ask the doctors at the Mayo Clinic to take a photo of my very unusual heart when it was ready for its close-up on September 21. I decided not to, because I wanted them to focus on the steadiness of the delicate procedure.

I guess I don’t need to see my heart; I’m just enjoying the steadiness of  every beat.

Do you have the steadiness, character, and commitment for one more photo, today?



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29 thoughts on “Day 1457: Steadiness

  1. Oh…those latkes ! And it had me thinking…why don’t we eat applesauce and sour cream with hash browns ???

  2. Latkes, potato pancakes or hash browns are always a celebration when they hit my pallet especially if they are accompanied by apple sauce and sour cream. Have a great holiday celebration and a Happy, Healthy, Steady New Year.

  3. Oh my goodness that’s a lot of needles!

  4. But they probably did take a photo of your heart! Maybe even a video!

    Those latkes look delicious, perfectly browned..And the tree looks, well, thoroughly done with 2016. However, ita showed a steady commitment to Christmas by leaving a wreath of needles behind.

  5. Yumm, latkes! I’m making them tonight! Happy Chanukah!

  6. Love latkes!!
    Love you too 💛
    Stay steady Ann xo

  7. The writer Philip Lopate told a story about the time his mother had to write a note to his teacher but he couldn’t remember his teacher’s name. He thought her name was “Mrs. Latke” so his mother ended up starting the note “Dear Teacher…”
    I had a writing class with him. He told everyone else in the class they could call him “Phil” but somehow he knew I was a joker and when he got to me he said, “But you call me Mr. Lopate!”
    It ended up being a very rewarding class and he even set aside time to meet with me one-on-one, but it was funny to me how our relationship began. Sometimes the only way to get steady is with an unsteady start.

  8. I liked this post very much, Ann! You have a steady post every day which I admire very much. I like steadfast friends and enjoyed many Jewish customs during my childhood, as my Dad’s best friend at NASA was named Irving Lezberg.
    I went to 2 different Hanukkah celebrations and we ate latkes, tried Manishevitz (sp?) wine and the fish with a “g” in its name.
    I like the rock song, “Rock Steady,” by Bad Company.
    Hope your holidays were beautiful and your new year will be filled with Joy!

    • I liked your comments very much, Robin, and I consider you a steady and steadfast friend. Many thanks for the beautiful holiday visit.

  9. Needles to say,
    that tree was all shed up!
    And latkes or hashbrowns
    make a great sup!

  10. What a wonderful tour of your steady day filled with character(s) and commitment to the common good! You seem more than ready to dance into the new year–even without a photo of your magnanimous and merciful heart! ❤️

    From Elouise, with hope for steady heads and hearts such as yours to prevail in the new year!

  11. I can hear Grumpy’s steady footsteps, stealthy, but steadfast. She doesn’t realize I saw her burning the Christmas tree with her Lady Long Virginia Slims Cigarette.

  12. All the best wishes for a bright and wonderful New Year, Ann! Good to see you doing well and taking in steadiness from all the things you love this Holiday Season.

  13. Yummm. Those latkes look delicious! A very happy New Year to you!

  14. Love the latke/hash brown joke

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