Day 1456: Guess What’s Inside

Guess what’s inside this post!

Photos that I took yesterday, of course,  on Christmas/Chanukah  Day.







Guess what my boyfriend Michael’s wonderful relative, Sharon, said  when she gave me that very good gift.

I am giving you that tree of encouragement because of your heart operation,  all you’ve gone through this year, and because of the way people on your blog support and encourage you.

What’s inside Sharon is beautiful.

Guess what’s inside the rest of this post!

More photos.   Can you guess what’s inside each of them?




















Guess what’s inside YouTube?  My choice for today’s music.


Guess what’s inside my heart, here and now.   Besides a new mechanical valve, there’s  gratitude for all who helped me create what’s inside this post and for every one of you!

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30 thoughts on “Day 1456: Guess What’s Inside

  1. There’s a wonderful cliche that if you give a child an expensive toy they’ll ignore it and play with the box. It’s funny but also a valuable lesson that what we bring can be just as important as what’s inside.

  2. Happy Hanukkah/Merry Christmas Ann to you and yours. May 2017 be healthy, enjoyable, peaceful and full of love.

    peace, Linda

  3. Happy Chanukah, merry Christmas. That candy looks very interesting. Is it tasty?

  4. Amanda Curtin

    Happy holidays to you and Michael! My wish for the New Year for you is that you have a healthy year with a healthy heart. Your heart needs to be working so that you can continue to send all the love that is inside you out to the world…with plenty left over for yourself.

  5. What great photos I think the plush toy is so cute, I had a good Christmas

  6. Maureen, guess what’s inside? It’s choco Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

  7. Looks like a fun time was had by all!

  8. I’m guessing there is LOTS of love inside right now 💕

  9. Happy Chanukah Ann! 🙂

  10. so many lovely things to look at in this post Ann. Art glass, snow globes, coffee mugs- and ribbon candy! I haven;t seen ribbon candy in years!

  11. I am grateful your doctors and surgeon were able to insert a mechanical valve and keep your loving, big heart beating, Ann.
    The choices of photos were quite entertaining and some lovely indeed. People are the best art of Life, especially Family! I count you as a warm friend who keeps in touch and I appreciate you, Ann.
    Take care and wishing you the best of life in 2017! xo

    • You, Robin, are the best art of life! I wish you all the best in 2017. xxoo ❤

      • This is such a warm and special message to me! I appreciate this ever so much, Ann! Thank you. xo

      • I appreciate every word you share, Robin. Many thanks to you. ❤

      • If you see me following you, it is because I had my phone and purse stolen at the library in summer. On the new Droid phone, I had to start all over with blogs. (Not sure why but I lost touch with quite a few?)
        I just saw I wasn’t following you, but I used to.
        I was on the computer with my purse under the desk by my feet. On surveillance tape, they “caught” the thief but when it came time to give my victims statement he pleaded to a lease charge and they dropped the case. I don’t go to the library since I didn’t get to see what he looks like. They say he still is there (allowed to use public library) but aren’t allowed to tell me what he looks like. Rather strange but I felt his facing me on a computer, using his long legs to pull the purse towards him, put into his knapsack felt like he violated me.
        You can delete this, if you like. Anyway, my tone and blog style doesn’t have long essays anymore! Trying to keep it light. xo

      • I’m so sorry that happened to you, Robin. I’m glad that WordPress is a safe place for you. Much love and wishes for a good new year.

      • Thank you, Ann. It makes me appreciate how we all care in this community. My problem was insignificant compared to your major life changing experience. ❤

  12. Christopher beat me to it. Have a healthy 2017.

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