Day 1455: What makes a good gift?

Recently, somebody who is a gift to me gave me the gift of this question:

What makes a good gift?

What makes a good gift, to you?

During this time of gift-giving, I think good gifts include

  • thoughtfulness,
  • kindness,
  • attention to what people like,
  • pleasant memories,
  • really listening to each other,
  • acceptance of differences,
  • fun,
  • originality, and
  • I hope, my photos from yesterday.





























I believe that one of my photos, above, brings the good gift of a musical suggestion for this Christmas and Chanuka Day.

Any comment from you would make a good gift, indeed.

Gratitude also makes a good gift and I have gratitude, here and now, for all who helped provide the good gifts in this post and for you — of course! — for the very  good gift of your visit.

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41 thoughts on “Day 1455: What makes a good gift?

  1. Peace and blessings to you and your family, and thank you for the gift of this, and all your posts.

  2. Gifts of my time and of kindness. And homemade cookies. Those were my gifts this year.

  3. What a heartwarming gathering and fun time Ann!
    I love platy.
    The best gift is being here and now. 💝

  4. That platypus is the best. Happy Holiday to you my friend-nothing like the gift of friendship ❤

  5. Family is where it’s at!! Both inner corcles and the circles Around that❤️Love to all!

  6. Love the Nutcracker steps. Happy and Merry to you, Ann. 🕎 🎄🕎 🎄

  7. The best gift is from the heart!

  8. I had a good day, it looks like you had a good day and I want those Nutcracker statues for my house just saying

  9. You, Ann, make a great gift with your outlook, attitude, kindness and heart. ❤

  10. Ann, your blog is a great gift. I bet you knew I was gonna say that. But that does not make it any less true. Next to your blog, coffee also makes a great gift. Then there’s a steep drop to number 3, I think.

  11. Thought.

  12. Happy Holidays!

  13. Anything that makes me laugh or think, or laugh and think, is a gift. Every day, not just Christmas, you offer gifts.

  14. Happy Holidays, Ann. I’m a sucker for anything that makes me laugh — lie the moose and squirrel cookies! Brilliant!

  15. What makes a good gift? Well your pictures of course AND a dish by Michael!

  16. Happy Holidays Ann! This post was a gift. These photos are loaded with joy!

  17. The one holding the platypus is goodest

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  19. Love the soldiers on the stairs. I have found inexpensive and much appreciated baked goods becoming my fav gifts. Am I the only one that loves fruitcake as a gift?

  20. Peace be with you, Ann, today, tomorrow and always. xo hugs, Robin xo

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