Day 1453: American Standards

Having been an American all my life, I have certain standards.  With our latest non-standard Presidential election, I wonder about new American standards and America’s standing in the world.

My standards for creating this daily American blog include looking at my photos from the day before and deciding on the title and the topic. Here’s the American Standard that inspired today’s post:


Here are my other standard American photos from yesterday:













While my mood is addled, deprived, and puzzled regarding American standards in politics, my mood is also giddy and fabulous because Michael made tuna noodle casserole and MY SON AARON IS HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

To celebrate, here’s an American standard from the heroic American  Glenn Miller:


I’ll end with some standard American gratitude for all who helped me create this American Standards post and for you — of course! — for upholding your standards, here and now.

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30 thoughts on “Day 1453: American Standards

  1. LOVE the hair!! And love those mood emoticons! Have a great weekend!

  2. Flush those woes away! Too bad it isn’t that simple, though I laughed at the irony of “American Standard” vis-à-vis our current political standard, the “new normal”.

  3. America can withstand anything as long as her people stand together!

  4. Who knew a toilet seat could be so inspirational. That gave me a chuckle!

  5. My boss used to have those emotion cards on her desk. We’d turn it to the most appropriate one after meeting with her. Was not pretty.

  6. Ha. Only you could carve out a creative post on American Standard Toilet seats. Only you Ann. Happy Holidays…you bring a lot of joy here with your blog.

  7. Happy Holidays, Ann. You got America’s Standard Stool in your shot, my friend. Well, you know what I mean. And I must say you are looking fabulous.

  8. Craig

    Make Americans great again!

  9. Glad Aaron is home. That first semester surely went fast! Well, maybe not for you since you were in and out and in and out of hospitals.

    • This has NOT been a standard year. One might say that it’s been substandard. But it is outstanding that Aaron is home from college.

  10. Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet a couple of Canadian tourists. I said I hoped they were enjoying their visit and then we talked about how many of us down here have seriously considered permanently relocating to their country. It was brief but a happy meeting for all of us.
    The actions of people like us aren’t widely publicized. Our tweets and posts could be read by anyone anywhere but most won’t be, and our statements are unlikely to make even the local news. But in small ways we can show that just because a particular person gets a lot of attention he doesn’t represent all of us. In small ways we can improve the standing and perception of our country.

  11. I wish you and your little family a better than standard Christmas

  12. Is the American standard high or low, or does it depend on how drunk one is

  13. There is nothing standard about your blog, Ann!

  14. Rejoice by American Standards!

  15. I’m grateful for your contribution to making American toilets great again Ann 💛

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