Day 1452: Winter Wishes

Usually, when it’s winter, this blogger for all seasons wishes she were in a warmer place.

This year, my winter wishes include accepting and loving exactly where I am.

I wish for all my readers that same acceptance of exactly where you are, because that is always the first step to moving forward to where you want to be.

Some other winter wishes for this winter’s day:

  • my son has an easy flight home from Edinburgh,
  • my therapy groups at work are helpful for people,
  • there’s no ice on the ground so I can safely drive and walk around, and
  • I get a fabulous haircut.

What are your winter wishes?

Yesterday, on the first day of winter, my wishes included taking all these photos:





























That last photo reminds me that one of my winter wishes for people in my therapy group yesterday was accepting ALL your feelings.

Here are some musical wishes for the season I found on YouTube (here and here):

My winter wishes also include that you comment below.

Good wishes to all who helped me created this Winter Wishes post and to you — of course! — no matter what your winter wishes, here and now.

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32 thoughts on “Day 1452: Winter Wishes

  1. lovely, ann –

  2. Eleanor

    My wish is that all your wishes come true and that the coming year is filled with good things for you — good health, a good place to move to, and a year with a lot less stress than this past year.
    And remember, the days are starting to get longer!!

  3. The weather folks say we could awaken Christmas morning to snow. Where I live, that is a treat. So my wish right now is for a beautiful snowfall so I can get out early and take some snow photos.

  4. My wish is that you have a wonderful visit with your son. I also hope that you blog some of the wonderful math he has learned.

  5. Your wish for Aaron’s safe and easy flight from Edinburgh is one I share–and one that fulfilled a wish I didn’t realize I had: a wish for a fond memory. My first flight to Britain was on British Air which, at the time, had headphone jacks in every armrest. If you had headphones (as they were called in those distant days) you could plug in and listen to a variety of stations. One was a comedy station with, I think, a two-hour looping series of sketches and songs that I listened to over and over. It included Bob Newhart’s bit about Sir Walter Raleigh, Allan Sherman’s “You Went The Wrong Way Old King Louie”, and a bit of “The 2000 Year Old Man” but also introduced me to some great British comedy–including Jasper Carrott’s “Mole Story” and an audio version of Tony Hancock’s “Blood Donor”.
    You and Aaron always discover great contemporary comedians at the Fringe Festival but I know you both appreciate history too.

  6. I love the Prince/Bowie mural. Where is it? Like you, my winter wish is for more warmth. I’m tired of snow already!

  7. I have to ask you. Do you get an idea for a blog and then go and find all your images for it? Or do you photograph on the go and fit them into whatever you’re writing? I have to tell you your images are always spot-on. And I don’t know how you can get so many every day! My wish is that you and I and all our readers have a safe and happy holiday and that we take off in 2017 to places unknown! (writing wise, if nothing else..)

    • My wish has been granted — a comment from Claudia! Typically, I take photos of images that strike me, with no idea about how I’m going to integrate those into my next blog post. Then, I get up in the morning, look at my photos, think about what would be helpful for me to write about, and Voila!

      I wish you have a safe and happy holiday, Claudia, and that you take off in 2017 to places unknown and wonderful. ❤

  8. ENJOY!!

  9. I will swap your winter wishes for summer wishes since it is summer here and a stinking hot one many days, not today it is going to be a warm 26°c here today

  10. I’ll get my winter wish on Saturday. Seems the weather will be warm enough so I can attend Christmas Eve Mass at our church. This year Haukkah and Christmas Eve on the same day. Ann and family enjoy!

  11. Such a happy post of the season Ann! So happy that Aaron is coming home. Enjoy every moment and laugh lots!!

  12. good wishes to you Ann! I loved all the messages in today’s blog!

  13. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm fifty owtraydjus skams and hustles??? i hav got to git me that buk i think fifty is like three mor then i hav tried maybe wun of those wil wurk to git me ritch kwik!!! mary krismas to yoo frum us!!! ok bye

  14. Winter Wishes to relax Ann!

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