Day 1450: Tradishes

It’s a tradish around here for me to get my post titles from something I saw the day before.


Another tradish here at The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally is to link the rest of my photos, somehow, to the day’s topic.


There’s Danise from cardiac rehab, with her tradish stethoscope.


That’s a holiday tradish I saw posted on the wall at Whole Foods Market.


It’s a tradish around here for me to get a medical bill for an outrageous amount of money.  As is my tradish, I called the medical facility and my health insurance company to straighten this out.

Here are some new holiday tradishes:  the Christmas Bunny …



…. and the Christmas pig.



It’s hard for me not to be a Christmas pig when my boyfriend Michael does his tradish of making me a delish fish dish for dinner.



Here another portion of my friend Janet’s tradish Christmas greeting:


Speaking of cups of tea, here’s my tradish of including sayings from tea bags:



Because I  slept un-tradish-ionally late today, I have to conclude this post, right now, with gratitude to all who helped me with today’s tradishes and to  you — of course! — no matter what tradish you wish to dish about here.


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25 thoughts on “Day 1450: Tradishes

  1. It is tradish around here to have fish!

  2. I mean, it’s a tradish here too to have a dish of fish.

  3. Love the Christmas Bunny! What a nice new tradish.

  4. If your tradish is to have fish that can be your wish and you’ll be swingin’ on a star, carrying moonbeams home in a jar.
    Or would you rather be a duck?
    A duck is an animal that does what he will,
    When asked to pay he says “Put it on my bill.”

  5. You are a breath of fresh air and your commenters are a delight also!

    Happy Holidays.

  6. It’s tradish for me to get SO frustrated with insurance and medical costs. 🙂

    Good to know tradish is well and alive! 😉

  7. Tradish not a word I am familiar with, that said I liked the post

    • Tradish was not a word I had ever heard before yesterday, Joanne. That said, your comments are a familiar and wonderful tradish here.

  8. I love new tradishes … Its tradish for me to enjoy new delish dishes too 💛

  9. It’s trash for me to come read your blog and ogle your fish dishes!

  10. Goodness. Tradish, not trash. It seems tradish for autocorrect to do bad things to my writing…

  11. That whopper of a bill balanced with wise tea bags and the fish dish- looks like an eclectic mix.

  12. It’s a tradish for me to pop over to your blog every morning,and I’m always glad I do!

  13. Danise has an enviable set of teeth

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