Day 1448: I feel bad

Because of various medical and political tribulations over the past few months,  when I wake up every morning I feel bad.

I feel bad about feeling bad, so as soon as I wake up, I do my best to feel better by

  • blogging,
  • exercising,
  • showering,
  • eating nutritious and delicious food,
  • drinking plenty of water,
  • connecting with people I love,
  • spending time with animals and/or nature,
  • taking care of an obligation or two,
  • laughing,
  • practicing kindness, compassion, and caring, and
  • capturing images on my iPhone.




I feel bad that I took only three photos yesterday. I feel bad that the last picture is so fuzzy.

I feel better when I let someone know I feel bad.

When I feel bad, music also helps me feel better.


What do you do when you feel bad?

I feel bad whenever I forget to express gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and  — of course! — to you, no matter how you’re feeling, here and now.

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63 thoughts on “Day 1448: I feel bad

  1. I’m sorry you feel bad Ann. When I feel bad I go shopping. It helps. Retail therapy and from the comfort of my kitchen. Treat yourself to something pretty, in some small way it helps. And keep your friends close. Oh and eat chocolate. ❤ ❤

  2. You are a very cherished part of my blogging experienced.

  3. When I feel bad, sometimes I tell it to someone, often the person who evoked that in me, usually the same person with whom I spend my life. Often I go into another room to meditate which always helps me feel better. Sometimes I have a cry. Sometimes I reach out to a friend. And last night I learned that if I don’t want to feel bad, I shouldn’t go grocery shopping at 5:00pm (hungry and tired) with a list in my Google Keep that didn’t get synced to my iPhone so I couldn’t see it, not hear my husband’s fried chicken request, supposedly said several times in my face as we waited our turn, so that I got pieces he hadn’t asked for, and frustrated because I couldn’t find several needed items for making vegan chocolate chip cookies. And I now know if I don’t want to feel bad, I shouldn’t go to the big store nearer my home that I’d never been to, under all those circumstances! But I felt good that when we came out with our basket, it had obviously rained copiously but wasn’t raining any more! ☔️

  4. I contemplate and remember that I beat Cancer three times with surgery over my life time of 73 years. I think about the fact that I never had the chance to know any of my grand parents, they all passed away at very young ages, 42,55,39, 55. I try to remember that I raised three wonderful children who turned out to be happy, productive adults, married terrific spouses (that I adore) and gave gifted me with the most beautiful grand children that bring so much joy to my life and I will be remembered with love. I am blessed every day that I open my eyes and find myself to be able to live another day. That’s what I do when I feel bad. I count my blessings.

  5. I used to try to block feeling when I felt bad. Now I take notice and am kind to myself, just like I would be if someone else was feeling bad Ann. ❤
    Diana xo

  6. I feel bad that you feel bad. I like your ‘pick yourself up attitude’. It is a good solution and time is generally a thing to ease bad feelings. Just keep busy and the bad feelings will ease up. I find sharing how I feel by talking with a friend or blogging helps. And of course reading your blog every day keeps me grounded. And chocolate!

  7. Ann, do you feel bad physically? I feel bad when I go through changes. Maybe it’s all the change you’ve physically undergone? I feel bad because of emotional changes I must face. I’m a person that prefers a familiar routine.

  8. Don’t feel bad about ANYTHING! You are beautiful and funny and awesome and you are loved! ❤ 🙂

  9. Admitting you feel bad helps, I think. The saying that misery loves company goes with the saying that sadness shared is sadness halved.

  10. Like you I blog, I exercise. I lament. I let myself feel bad, denying it doesn’t help. But identifying it, allowing it, then doing something to change it is the key to not letting it destroy me. Or even just keep me down longer than I want.

  11. Your friends above (and that follow) understand what it means to feel bad. We all have those days. Worse is when you have that feeling at the same time you’re feeling thankful for what you DO have. Life is one hormonal mess. Your coping mechanisms seem to be the best way to face mental adversity. And know you have created an environment here that encourages sharing and healing.

  12. I’m sorry you felt bad in the mornings. Your self help efforts are impressive. When I feel bad, I spend more time alone or else I do something useful for someone else.

  13. I try to remember all the good in my life, and then I eat a little bacon! Take care 🙂

  14. We all feel bad at times, my mum feels bad pretty much 24/7 lately and she doesn’t like it I try to focus on the good things to stop feeling bad

  15. Amanda Curtin

    I love Rascal Flatts and often listen to them when I walk the beach. I love your vulnerability today and have been feeling bad myself for a while because of some family stuff and work stress. This weekend Dusty and I committed to a healing weekend and it really helped. Often when I feel bad it leads to a new step on my path. And it definitely helps to talk about it with those you love. My prayer for you this holiday season is for health and vitality. Sending you hugs for when you wake up.

    • It definitely helps to talk to you! Tomorrow morning when I wake up I’ll allow myself to feel those hugs. Thanks, Amanda. ❤ ❤ ❤

  16. I’m sorry you’re struggling but reaching out is important. When I feel bad, I read a good book, or more often, watch a funny TV show. Laughing releases those important endorphins that help you heal. Hugs to you:-)

  17. When I feel bad I just find somewhere quiet and let myself feel all the bad feelings and just name them as they wash over me… I feel anger, I feel frustration, I feel fear,,, misery, jealousy, whatever. Often some repeat a few times, or get stuck for a bit. However, within about ten minutes (give or take), I usually land at a deep peaceful sadness, like a beautiful grey day at the beach. It isn’t the day I necessarily wanted to have but here it is and it is possible for me to go on, peacefully and not be suffering inside of that ❤

  18. I hate to hear that someone I know is suffering, so perk up soon, eh?!!

  19. What a lovely sad post! Thanks, Anne. I resonate with many comments above, and would add to them these strategies:
    ~I write my heart out in my journal–sometimes by hand, sometimes on my computer.
    ~I also cry my heart out for as long as it takes, without apology.
    ~My therapist hears from me regularly–she’s a really good listener (as I believe you are), and sometimes hears things that I miss and am grateful to have pointed out. ~Finally, singing along to music I love turned up high is Way Beyond Wonderful.

    There’s a lot out there to feel bad/sad/angry/fearful/distressed etc. about. Then there’s the personal stuff we have to life with every day. I often find the latter more difficult than the former. Sending you cheers and prayers for whatever it takes to comfort you without pretending there’s nothing to be feel bad/sad/etc about!


  20. I do love that you shared how you are feeling with us Ann. I love Sunny and Rowena’s responses
    Sending you a hug and wishing you a big dose of comfort and joy 💓

  21. When I feel bad, it helps to read good stuff. Like this. Meditation also works like magic.

  22. Whenever I have a down day, I know there will be a better one coming along. That keeps me going

    Feel better, Ann!

  23. Ann, I am sorry you wake up feeling bad. All the things you list are good things to do. I take life a day at a time. Everything is temporary in this life, and as an old friend once told me, “Wherever you go, there you are!”

  24. Eat a little bacon. I like that one. When I feel bad, I usually try to get myself moving again, which is a good antidote, but sometimes you have to sit with the darkness for a while, like you would a sad companion. It can tell you things that help. So you don’t always have to do something; in fact, sometimes it’s best not to. But of course, I always want to because who wants to feel bad? I hope things look up soon.

  25. If you are not entitled to feel unwell on waking, I don’t know who is.

  26. Hi Anne, Ditto all the things you do first thing in the morning. It is the quiet disciplines that are most effective. Don’t have one of those fancy phones though. May have serious psychological problem. Laugh heartily with an inner soliloquy about my own jokes? What do you think?
    Imperative observations

  27. I hope that today you feel better, or if you still felt bad when you woke up, I hope some of these things make you feel better as you move through your day! And I hope that you know that all of us out here are wishing for you to feel wonderful! Maybe that will help you feel better too.

  28. I feel bad that you feed bad. Especially since I haven’t seen you for so long. I love your list! but for me the most important one is going for a walk and connecting with nature. Nature is the great healer of all things!!! Be well my good friend.

    • I feel bad that I haven’t seen you, Peggy, but I feel good whenever I hear from you. I wish you all the best, my very good friend.

  29. I usually grumble for a while when I feel bad. Then someone like you comes along and reminds me that I’m the architect of my own destiny. Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

  30. Feel better when you know that the people who read this also feel bad for simple things too. We are all human striving for perfection. Thanks for your post.

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