Day 1447: Life is short

Yesterday, the wonderful Kathy at cardiac rehab said to me

Life is short

when we were discussing my long-lived wish to live the rest of my short life near a beautiful body of water.

Whenever somebody says

Life is short

I agree with that person, even though I’ve lived  much longer than most people expected I would.

To me,

Life is short


  • seize the moment,
  • don’t waste time,
  • do what you love,
  • spend time with good people,
  • enjoy yourself,
  • don’t settle for less,
  • take care of yourself,
  • be mindful,
  • balance your needs with other people’s needs,
  • do what works,
  • accept and experience all your feelings, and
  • appreciate the here and now.

What does

Life is short

mean to you?

Here are the pictures I took yesterday when I was seizing the moment, not wasting time, doing what I loved, spending time with good people, enjoying myself, not settling for less, taking care of myself, being mindful, balancing my needs with other people’s needs, doing what worked, accepting and experiencing all my feelings, and appreciating the here and now:







Because life is short, I won’t keep you much longer, but here’s a short song with lots of life.

Short thanks from this short person to all those who helped me write this short post and — of course! —  to you, for improving my short life with your short visit, today.

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48 thoughts on “Day 1447: Life is short

  1. Amen to that list!

  2. Great song. I never heard of them until this morning.

    My motto: “Life is short and dead is for a very long time. Enjoy life”. (It is a funeral director thing).

  3. Life is short, so look after the elderly cats. Which is what I am doing for the next 12 days, camped on a friend’s floor. 🙂

  4. I’ve heard the “life is short” saying so much, yet the problem can be assuming one can do it alone. The challenge of “balancing your needs with other people’s needs” is a requirement that demands full attention yet it can escape one very easily because the ego is in the way. How to make use of one’s full potential in an ever changing environment while balancing your needs with others is definitely an art.

  5. Life is short enough even when you don’t have something messing with you or something else interrupting. Both my parents died unexpectedly, 5 mos apart, at age 75. It was a wake up call. Life needs to be fun. Cause you just never know.

    • We just never know, Dawn, but I always know I’m going to appreciate your short or long comments. I’m so sorry for the unexpected loss of your parents. ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. may that water’s beauty
    boldly landscape
    outside your windows
    & inside your heart, Ann 🙂

  7. Life is short … why wait for the snow to stop in a hotel room in Albany NY

  8. I agree with your list of meanings, but I have a different perspective. It seems long to me – in a positive way. Unfortunately the variant, ‘life’s too short’ is often used in an aggressively negative way.

  9. Life is short, Ann, that I do agree with you 100%! I seize every day and enjoy enjoy enjoy! Sometimes in the tough times life seems to just drag on and it is within those times my Faith gets me through. Your JOY is contagious!!! (Smiling) ❤

  10. Life is short so we need to pause to enjoy things. That reminds me of the time I found a hedgehog in the wild. Because I was rushing the hedgehog had curled itself into a ball. I stopped and waited and soon it uncurled and started to march around and eat bugs.
    It felt like a short time but I later realized I’d spent more than an hour watching. Time flies when you’re having fun, even when the fun is quiet contemplation.

  11. Life is short, but sometimes it feels really long – but in general it is great!!!! But like my husband always says (in his Mississippi drawl) – Life ain’t no dress rehearsal, you only get one shot at it – so go through it grinning like a Jackass eating briars (whatever that means).

  12. Life is short. It never is long enough to say and do what you would like with those you love Ann. I’m not surprised you are living longer than many expected though, and I gotta think it’s got something to do with your attitude about life. ❤
    Diana xo

  13. So true that life is short! What a lovely post.

  14. Funny how we say life is short but for many of us it is the longest thing we will ever do, my nan lived to be 95 all her sisters bar one lived into the mid to late 90’s so for many it isn’t really short it just seems that way.

  15. Life is miraculous. I had just email another writer, telling her I was pondering the question…”What am I supposed to be doing with my bit of life now? And then I received notice that you were following my blog, and I came over to check you out.
    You’ve answered the question that I’ve been dragging around for weeks. This is what I’m supposed to be doing…seizing every second of it.
    Thank you for finding me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. It will be such an honor and a joy to join you on the journey. Big hugs.

  16. Life is short and I’m with you on everything you wrote on your list. Carpe Diem my friend ❤

  17. I see you having a surprisingly long and love-filled life, Ann!

  18. To me “Life is Short” means don’t take things for granted….appreciate.

  19. I enjoyed your post…and agree…”life is short…”a good reminder for everyone.

  20. Beautiful post Ann 💕

  21. Life is short…tomorrow, I go back to work. I’m a firefighter and an EMT. If ever I forget I only need a day at work to remind me. Life is short. I’m blessed to have my job. It can be difficult at times, but I get daily reminders that urge me to make the most of my days off. Everyone should be so lucky.

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