Day 1445: What’s in store?

What’s in store for this blog post?  The usual new photos stored on my iPhone,  some thoughts and feelings  being stored in the here and now, and music that’s stored on YouTube.

What in store for the next four years?  What’s in store for this moment?  What’s in store for the moment after that?  Only everything.

People in my therapy group yesterday did not know what topic was in store for them, until we decided to write and draw about the concept of “home.”



This present was in store for me at work:


All these things were in store for me during the rest of the day:














I didn’t know tears were in store for me, but here I am, crying, as I create this post.  Those tears were probably stored up  from my  recent open heart surgery, the additional surgery I had to undergo soon after that because of a recalled pacemaker battery, and the U.S. election.

The message that was stored on the teabag that was in store for me last night stores the truth:


By listening you comfort me.

Here‘s the music in store today (which I listened to twice, yesterday, for comfort):


I wonder what comments are in store for me?

Stored up thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — whose appreciated presence was a present in store for me today.

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46 thoughts on “Day 1445: What’s in store?

  1. I always know what’s in store for me when I come to visit you Ann. My heart will feel touched. Warm. Light. Safe. My thinking will feel excited, energized. Curiosity will be awakened. Thoughtfulness activated.

    There’s so much in-store for everyone who comes to visit you in your online home. It’s such a wonderful place to be, no matter the season!

  2. When I come here I know beauty and Love are in store for me a plenty! Thank you! As for me, I really don’t know what is in store for me as I fly from one moment to the next. I do know however that much Love is in store for me on a daily basis between all my animal friends, my people friends, and my family. Bless you for always putting a smile on my face when I come here. God bless you, Ann!!! ❤

  3. “By listening you comfort another person.” I had no idea today had this sentence in store for me! The timing is so perfect: I began working with people whom I want to help by doing all kinds of things with/for them, but I am still learning that “just” listening is also a way to help someone, sometimes the only or the best way.

    • I’m so glad the timing was perfect, Heila. I look forward to a future with more connections in store between you and me. ❤

  4. Listening is so underrated as an emotional tool. It seems that so many of us are wearing those emotions at surface level lately. Let the tears flow. 💘

    You speak out so well, Ann. We are listening.

  5. I pray a Merry and bright holiday season is in store for you! I always know something good is in store for me when I stop by. 🙂 Much Peace and Love to you Ann!

    • I always know that something good is in store for all of us when you stop by, Lilka. Peace, love, and a bright holiday season wishes to you, too. ❤

  6. I’m afraid once again, after reading your post, I have no words.
    Wait, maybe “awe” covers some of my response.

    Looking forward, but only just a little bit in the future, to more.

    • Have no fear, I always look forward to your thoughtful and supportive comments. I hope there are many more in store for me. ❤

  7. The phrase “What’s in store?” suddenly struck me as odd because a store is where items are kept for purchase and to store things is to put them away for later. It’s an interesting phrase because it implies time is non-linear. The future is already there, waiting for us to take it, or to step into it.
    That reminds me of a joke I heard told by a Russian comedian shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He’d just been to Germany and said, “In the stores there they have a hundred different kinds of yogurt. If you go into a Moscow dairy store and ask, ‘What kind of yogurt shall I have today?’ you will be told, ‘Yesterday’s’ because we only have two kinds of yogurt: yesterday’s and the day before yesterday’s.”
    In the US Yakov Smirnoff had been telling jokes like that for years but in Russia in late 1991 it was still edgy, even slightly risky. But for people who had no idea what was in store it helped to have humor.

  8. “By listening you comfort another person” because sometimes that is all they need- no words, no advice, just listening. Love this post Ann- I always know what is in store when I come to your blog- love and kindness and warmth.

  9. I guess we all need a bit of knowing what’s in store and a bit of spice by not knowing what is in store. That’s what you give us Ann, a bit of stability and spice. Enjoy every moment.

  10. I hope that some of your tears are tears of wonder and joy. Those are the tears you deserve, with all that your heart has been through, and all that you give. Sail in, sail on, sailor.

  11. Lovely post, Ann 🙂
    How do you feel now after your last surgery?
    Take good care.

  12. Comfort, oh comfort my people. I think sometimes we store stuff up because we have to get through something cleanly.Then it has to make its way out, usually at inopportune times. Glad the tears came during the blog. We’re all listening.

  13. You must have had a lot of tears stored up, given what you’ve had to endure. Great B.B. song today and I love you included the lyrics. Thanks for listening to me today. Sail on, Ann.

  14. The harmony and minor chords of “Sail on Sailor” make it one of my favorite songs. And Im glad to hear you washed the room with your tears. It shows you are human; afraid, strong, positive. Admitting such is what brings us back to reading and sharing with you again and again.

  15. I’m really going to work on that message on the teabag, thank you.

  16. Our kitty has one of those temptations elf – loves it. Interesting how inspiration comes from unlikely sources – like tea bags. Take good care of yourself!

  17. What’s in store is more delicious food by master Michael, even online!

  18. I am pleased to see that someone share’s my philosophy that home is wherever you are

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