Day 1444: A relaxed mind …

How would you complete this sentence?

A relaxed mind …

Here are ways that I would complete that sentence.  A relaxed mind …

  • has been difficult for me to attain since my recent open heart surgery and the U.S. presidential election,
  • is something I invite  in my therapy groups,
  • is an unusual mind in today’s busy, noisy, and rushed environment,
  • is a helpful break from anxiety, worry, and  fear, as well as cognitive distortions including fortune telling, catastrophizing, mind reading, and shoulds.

Here’s how a teabag would complete that sentence:



Do any of my other photos from yesterday complete that sentence?















Here‘s music for a relaxed mind:


A relaxed mind is one that is capable of expressing gratitude.


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36 thoughts on “Day 1444: A relaxed mind …

  1. Hey, I might look a bit grumpy, but I have the relaxed mind of a Picasso dove, now hand that dish over!

  2. Get coloring Ann 💕

  3. My cat Dougy’s ears just folded back as he heard the cat music. “What’s this? What’s this?” He doesn’t know quite what to do about it, but he definitely settled down.

    Andy, my other cat, is sitting on top of my PC (while I type this on my laptop…) enjoying a cat bath.

    Dougy’s still quietly listening, his ears folding back on the highest notes.

    I, on the other hand, still feel anxiety about the outcome of the recent election, something I can’t shake. In part, it is because I sit here in reddest of red Western Nebraska.

    Could be worse. My cousin owns and publishes a small weekly newspaper in the reddest county in Nebraska, and she has the dilemma of expressing her progressive beliefs editorially to people who easily could destroy her financially by dropping subscriptions and advertising.

    She and I are rarities in our part of the country: people who didn’t vote for the next president.

  4. … is elusive but worth seeking. Love the pics!

  5. … is more open to learn and compromise.

  6. A relaxed mind?, not recently. I probably need to work on that.

  7. How about music for relaxed cat owners? One of our furry friends has pulled the ornaments off of our tree two days in a row now. He likes the pearly looking string…(I’m listening to the music right now!)

  8. A relaxed mind…will not write the best book.

  9. I never would have thought a relaxed mind would be a creative mind, but being relaxed is the best way to be open to a multitude of possibilities.

  10. A relaxed mind is a peaceful mind, which maybe while I am often all over the place

  11. Your Heart is just so beautiful, Ann! My cats FYI love traditional jazz and classical music. Those coloring books are awesome and yes I have some of my own, thank you! I LOVE to relax on my couch with music playing low and play with my photo apps to create. I plan on doing so shortly. I cannot wait!! ❤

  12. You and Derrick have the best dinners Anne. A relaxed mind is an antidote to anxiety.

  13. My mind relaxed? The way my mind goes, if it’s relaxed I’m probably dead.

  14. ……..comes to me when I am watching ‘Bargain Hunt’ at lunchtime; afterwards I wake up.

  15. love this post and especially this line “A relaxed mind is one that is capable of expressing gratitude” had never thought of that but it is so true .

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