Day 1443: Home is where…

Home is where I’m writing this blog post.

“Home is where the heart is,” my late mother used to say, at my childhood home.

Home is where people feel comfortable enough to wear ugly sweaters for Christmas.


Cardiac rehab is where Carla showed me her winning sweater, above,  for the “Ugliest Sweater Contest” she competed in at home.

Cardiac rehab, which feels like home because of Carla and the other friendly staff there, is also where I saw this, yesterday:


Home is where my boyfriend Michael cooks me delicious meals, like this one:


Home is where Michael played  the  song “Home”  for me when we first moved to our current home.


Home is where I’m posting one more image before I leave my home for work today.


Thanks to all for helping me feel more at home, here and now.

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31 thoughts on “Day 1443: Home is where…

  1. I love that whistling song. Nice post as always.

  2. Amazing that you are back to work! Take it easy, though.

  3. Last night I drove from Ohio to Pittsburgh. I’d had a wonderful time. I pulled in the gravel drive, locked the car , hauled my suitcase up the steps, turned the key in the familiar door, opened it and dropped my stuff…..ah, it was good to be home, safe.

  4. I love feeling at home here Ann.

  5. Home means many things. Different for me depending on where I am in life. Sometimes more than one thing at the same time. Good post. Congratulations on being back to work!

  6. I was taught that home is wherever you hang your hat. This made me never want to take off my hat in anyone else’s home because I didn’t want them to think I was moving in. Finally I found a solution. I don’t wear hats anymore.

  7. Yes, home is where the heart is and mine is split in two right now – a husband in one home, missing me (and I him), and my parents in my old childhood home needing 24 hour care. A very apt post for me today! Glad the rehab is going well and you sound as if you are getting fitter by the day.

  8. My first thought is “home is where the heart is”…and your heart is growing strong again, and it is in everything you do! And is that Jesus throwing himself a birthday party? If I wouldn’t get struck by lightning I’d say that’s pretty darn ugly!

  9. You are delightful and a true inspiration! I’d say Thanks but it’s just not enough so here are some more songs about “home”. I do hope you enjoy them.

  10. I think home is where you find sanctuary. I feel at home with Simon and Garfunkel’s music. I think you and Michael are creating a warm home and I wish always you feel safe there. Good post, thank you.

  11. Home is where the crabmeat is! Get that over here!

  12. home is definitely where the heart is- where friends are, where we know we are safe.

  13. I have long believed that home is where I am

  14. Home is a that soft space that surrounds my heart and sends loving thoughts to yours. Home to Home 💕

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  16. The meal looks amazing! For me, home is where my cats fight for a space on my lap, my husband contemplates his newest artwork, and I sit in my studio enriching my soul.

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