Day 1442: Entertaining

Here’s the first entertaining image I captured yesterday.


Today, my boyfriend Michael and I are looking at a home described this way on the entertaining website Trulia:

This charming and sunny single-family home features an open floor plan on the first level of the home, making it perfect for entertaining.

Actually, Michael and I do very little entertaining, even though we’re pretty entertaining people. I find it entertaining that the Trulia description completely omits the most entertaining aspect of this home for me: it’s REALLY close to the entertaining Atlantic ocean.  I’ve decided that because I find U.S. politics so completely unentertaining, I need the entertainment of long walks on the  Massachusetts seashore.

Speaking of the entertaining Massachusetts seashore,  my entertaining boyfriend and I recently saw the movie Manchester by the Sea.  You might find it entertaining to know that I grew up in an entertaining town very close to Manchester-by-the-Sea  on the North Shore of Boston, and I find it entertaining that Manchester-by-the-Sea was just called Manchester back then. Here’s a quote from entertaining Wikipedia:

To prevent confusion with the nearby and much larger city of Manchester, New Hampshire, the name of the town was officially changed in 1989 following a close town meeting vote that year and an act of the state legislature passed on September 25, 1989.

By the way, Manchester by the Sea is an  amazing movie. It’s an incredible combination of soulful humanity, searing tragedy, unblinking honesty, superb acting, skillful direction, beautiful cinematography, and  surprisingly entertaining dialog — a film I will always remember.  If I were  an entertainment critic, I would strongly urge you to see it. Also, if you find Boston accents entertaining, there are lots of them in Manchester by the Sea.

That reminds me of this very entertaining clip parodying Boston-based movies from Late Night with Seth Myers:


It’s time for my other entertaining pictures from yesterday!














Now I have to rush off to another entertaining session at Cardiac Rehab, because the staff there are not entertained when I’m late.

Here’s one more entertaining photo from me:


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32 thoughts on “Day 1442: Entertaining

  1. Your photos are always entertaining! And you are always fascinating! Great combo by the sea!

  2. Your blog posts always entertain me.

  3. Great! And, it’s official. Seeeing your Christmas tree reflected in the window tells me it’s okay for these secular Jews to put up the lighted fake tree that came with this house we just bought. 🎄 Good luck with rehab. 🏋🏻‍♀️🚣‍♀️⛹️‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏆 👍

  4. Not sure why those emoticons translated into that female sign. Oh well!

  5. Hi Ann, I have missed your entertaining posts!!!!

  6. Amanda Curtin

    I can’t wait for you to find a place near the sea! Did you like the place you saw? Walking by the water is one of the blessings of life. It’s the best entertainment! As is laughing….I loved the Seth Meyers movie 🙂

    • I saw several places without Michael, who was sick, so the experience wasn’t as entertaining without him. I went with a realtor who was entertaining and very knowledgable, so I hope somebody will be entertaining an offer from me soon. However, I don’t think it will be any of the places I saw today. And I’m so glad you found “Boston Accent” entertaining!

  7. That looks utterly delicious.

    • Michael and my son, who is away at school in Edinburgh, are very entertaining when they cook something together via Facetime every Sunday evening. Last night, it was a fish sandwich and it was entertainingly delicious to eat.

  8. Have to say this I can entertain myself, unlike so many of the young now days who expect to be entertained by others, my granddaughters are so use to their mum entertaining them that at times they don’t know how to entertain themselves that said at times they are great at amusing themselves and my daughter has started to see that it is good to allow them to find things to do that amuse and entertain them on their own with her doing other stuff

  9. Highly entertaining post Ann! I love entertaining the idea of walking along a beach in the winter and watching a good movie by the sea 💛
    Thanks for the recommendation!

  10. I’ve always thought of personal blogs as their owners’ particular space. It might be open for anyone to wander in but I’m still a guest and it’s my responsibility to be polite, to not eat powdered doughnuts on the furniture or stop up the toilet.
    As a guest I also feel a desire to contribute to making the place better by being entertaining.
    After all you’re the host who’s offered this space for entertaining, so the least a guest can do is try and do the same.

  11. You are so busy! I hope you loved that house by the sea and enjoyed visiting it with Michael.

    • Michael got sick and couldn’t go with me. I entertained the possibility of loving that house but didn’t love it when I saw it. I will stay busy writing entertaining posts for you and my other entertaining readers.

  12. This was a very entertaining post Ann- but your posts usually are. Sorry to hear Michael was sick- hope he is better soon!

  13. With very little time for entertainment any more, this entertained me in the narrow space between getting my parents settled after morning ablutions and elevenses. Thank you. Apologies again for sporadic visits here – looking after elderly parents is more demanding than bringing up children! Good luck with home-hunting , hope you find somewhere entertaining!

  14. I find the ‘No ice fishing’ picture most entertaining

  15. Hey, entertain me with that fishy meal over here!

  16. I entertained the thought of a comment. But, it was a passing thought. And it passed by before I could write it down.

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