Day 1440: What people remember

Sometimes I wonder what people remember about

  • themselves,
  • each other,
  • their dreams,
  • history,
  • me, and
  • my blog.

What do you remember?   I remember

  • song lyrics from when I was in my teens and 20s,
  • Avogadro’s number,
  • most of the dialog from The Producers,
  • my first phone number,
  • Robert Vaughn‘s birthday,
  • how scared I was before I did stand-up comedy at an Open Mic in the 1980s,
  • cast members for movies I’ve never seen,
  • what happened the evening after my recent open heart surgery (even though everybody said I’d remember nothing),
  • mistakes I’ve made,
  • what my 8th grade English teacher would wear EVERY DAY, and
  • exactly what my son looked like moments after he was born.

Remember, I share photos in every blog post.




I remember that I kept being tough at cardiac rehab yesterday and that we had a GREAT meal at Beijing Chinese Dining last night.

If I say more, people might remember less, so here‘s the first popular song I remember remembering the lyrics to:

I hope you remember to leave a comment.

Please remember to express gratitude to somebody today, just as I’m expressing gratitude to all who helped me create this post and to YOU.


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46 thoughts on “Day 1440: What people remember

  1. Lovely post. I too remember what my 8th grade teacher wore. She always looked fantastic. I remember odd bits and pieces from years ago which is fun. I write down many memories so that my children will have a sense of their family history.

    • Lovely to see you, Lori, as always. I can easily remember what my 8th grade teacher wore because she wore the same unfantastic-looking blue plaid skirt and white blouse every day. My father and I used to speculate that she had a big closet lined with identical skirts and blouses. I love to write down memories, too, especially things my son said when he was young. Many thanks for this memorable comment.

  2. I remembered to leave a comment. 🙂

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  4. The quote “Keep it simple, the more you say, the less people remember” is so true to me. What I’ve realized is that the older I get the more vivid my memories are. I can hear, see, even smell the memories. One morning I remembered my primary school’s hymn perfectly. Textures, colors and voices all come alive.

    There is a word for recalling events often. It’s called “hyperthymesia”, it is the condition of possessing an extremely detailed autobiographical memory. People with hyperthymesia remember an abnormally vast number of their life experiences. It is characterized by spending an excessive amount of time thinking about one’s past, and displaying an extraordinary ability to recall specific events from one’s past.The word “hyperthymesia” derives from Ancient Greek: hyper- (“excessive”) and thymesis (“remembering”).

    Grumpy seems to have this type of memory,

  5. I remember my mother shaping pie dough with a wooden rolling pin. I remember trying to do the same, many times, and each time ending up by squishing bits of dough into the pan with my thumbs. Today, I threw Swiss cheese to crows in the yard to remember her.

  6. I remember something that happened just yesterday. I returned a book to the library then went to get some other books to check out. When I returned the librarian was reading the book I’d just returned.
    The book was Comedy At The Edge by Richard Zoglin.
    Reading about Robert Klein I remembered how funny I’ve always thought he is, and I remembered envying you having seen him live. What I didn’t know is that Klein is one of the most influential comedians of his generation, that many other comedians adopted his style.
    The title of this post made me think about how the past is influenced by the present. Things we learn may not change what we remember but they change how we remember.
    I remember many occasions when you’ve offered a thought that’s made me think about things in a new way. I will remember this as another one of those.
    I never saw you perform stand-up so I can’t remember it but I can imagine that it was thought-provoking and very funny too.

  7. I remember what it feels like to be rocked by the ocean in the Dominican Republic, how convinced I was that I could communicate with animals as a child, the smell of sweet peas, the taste of Macintosh apples straight from the tree, the warmth of the sun on my skin, so many things Ann… ❤
    Diana xo

  8. i remember most all of it –

  9. Memories are there in our minds often hiding till a smell or sight brings it out

  10. Right now my gratitude is to you.

  11. Most of the dialog from the Producers – I’m impressed.

    • I feel so strange. I wonder what it is. Maybe I’m happy. That’s it, I’m happy.
      (slightly rewritten dialog from the Producers)

  12. I remember EVERYTHING it seems. Just one of those things. I agree the more people say the less others will remember- that’s a good one!

  13. Memory is a funny thing, and the past is not likely to stay where it was last seen. Wow. Most of the dialogue of The Producers! What a hoot that must be.

  14. such joyful memories!
    i’m amazed that stuff
    is remembered
    at all 🙂

  15. Ok please tell me what your 8th grade teacher wore –
    And I remember from your blog that you take some very unique photos – with lots of variety – and with nice themes – and then you have all this “Ann originality” packed in – so it is very fresh and original 😉

    • My 8th grade English teacher wore the same exact thing every day — a blue plaid skirt and a white blouse. EVERY DAY. Even if I tried to forget it, I can’t. Thank you for your lovely and memorable comment.

  16. What a memory!

  17. Sally Colacicco

    Which 8th grade teacher?

    • Ms. Shefftz (although I can’t remember if I’m spelling her name correctly). I remember wonderful things about you, Sally!

  18. I’ve written a number of posts about my former teachers. One goes back to 1960. The master’s granddaughter found the post; his son contacted me; we are to meet soon. I have always remembered him.

  19. I remembered to leave a comment… but forgot what I wanted to say 💛

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  21. Ten things I remember right now:
    1. My friend Bruce’s birthday is April 17th, and I need to email him before tomorrow.
    2. My husband Tim asked me to marry him while we danced to Van Morrison
    3. I have to work tomorrow, and I need to bring three pies, rolls, and shortbread cookies with me, because I don’t want them at the house.
    4. The wine I’m drinking is good enough to buy again.
    5. I plan to do more literary writing…note to self, do more literary writing.
    6. Christmas is less than a week away, and I haven’t bought presents for my friend’s kids yet.
    7. I need to water the plants.
    8. I need to write my plans for next year’s resolutions.
    9. I remember that my blood pressure went up again after I stopped meditation and it did not go down after I doubled my medication, so meditation is greater than medication…remember to take both.
    10. My time on Earth is limited, so live today, even this very night.


    Hey guys, I’m trying to grow my blog, if you have the time I’d really appreciate you checking out some of my lyrics (I’m in the process of creating my songs) and giving me some feedback! Thank you 🙂

  23. I remembered to stop by here even though my internet is still down!

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