Day 1438: New traditions

Yesterday morning, in a therapy group, people made helpful comparisons between old traditions and new traditions for the holidays.

Then, we shared an old tradition of drawing, writing, and otherwise expressing ourselves about the chosen topic of the group. I will now practice the old tradition of showing you what I create in my non-traditional therapy groups.


Would you like to join with me in practicing those traditions of:

  • peace,
  • letting go of guilt,
  • letting go of worry,
  • asking for what we need,
  • accepting help from others, and
  • more time with nature?

Are there new traditions you might choose for yourself during this holiday season?

I have an old tradition of sharing the photos I take the day before in my posts. Do you see any new (or old) traditions in these new photos?


















Since life is to communicate, I will communicate that the birds above reminded me of this non-traditional exchange in the group yesterday:

I’m not bothered by the tweeting of birds.

I am bothered by somebody else and his tweeting.

As is my tradition, I will include some music inspired by the content of today’s post.


Whether it’s an old or new tradition for you to leave me a comment, go for it!

Traditional thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for sharing traditions with me.

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30 thoughts on “Day 1438: New traditions

  1. Those birds are awesome.

  2. ooooookay, i’ll join along. :sigh:


  3. Imagine being able to think like a dog….always in the moment and always wanting to please those that feed and play with us. Maybe it could be a new world order?

  4. Tea bag wisdom could be a stand alone blog!

  5. I traditionally like to comment cleverly
    and find myself untraditionally
    feeling shy about cleverly commenting.

    There is such wealth of tradition
    in your pics
    I cannot pick
    just one tradition
    to pick on.

    haha — hmmm… perhaps my new tradition is to write unrhyming poems to create a sense of traditional nonsense! πŸ™‚

  6. There is much to love about the tradition of making snowmen from chocolate instead of snow. And much to love about your blog.

  7. At this time of year I always contemplate how there used to be two competing Hanukkah traditions. Rabbi Shammai said all candles should be lit on the first night and then one extinguished on each night as a literal representation of the diminishing oil. Rabbi Hillel said that one candle should be lit each night so on the final night all eight candles would blaze with glory. Instead of increasing darkness there would be growing light and hope.
    Rabbi Hillel’s tradition has become the commonly accepted one but Rabbi Shammai’s intrigues me because of its literalness, but also because the growing darkness makes us appreciate the light that much more.
    Even when traditions change they still offer us a link to the past and hope for the future.

    • Christopher, I did not know, or had forgotten, R. Shammai’s perspective on the lighting of candles. But it makes perfect sense to me and is beautiful. This year I will make sure that one of our chanukiyot is fully candled the first day, and a little less lit each consecutive night. We should remember the effect that time has on our lives, and cherish it. At our house, the last night is Conflagration night, where we put all our Chanukah menorahs in the table and light them, and also stack other candles onto them sculpture-like, as best we can, so that the table (foiled) runs with wax. I think R. Shammai’s single candle would be very poignant then.

  8. Grumpy new traditions

  9. I’m away from home this Christmas by choice, and will be spending it very simply with friends. I like the idea of practical useful gifts, and growing a tree or buying Foster Parents Plan or World Vision catalogue gifts for donation appeals to me. Whatever tradition you follow I hope it gives you peace and joy.

  10. I ove the idea of new traditions Ann! You’ve got me thinking about changing things up this season πŸ’›

  11. Let’s renew our tradition of commenting, shall we? Would love to grow some Christmas tree! πŸ™‚

  12. Love the hatchlings. I may also need the chill suit.

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  14. Thanks for the fantastic post. I love the photos, because it reminded me of how many crazy, cool and interesting things one sees each day but typically fails to notice.

    Hmm, what is my tradition? I’ve been working on a thrice daily tradition of meditation, since it does me wonders. Also, I’m thinking about a yearly tradition of taking a three to four day road trip after Christmas to visit family and friends. I’ve been doing this for a while, and I thought I might actually make it tradition.

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