Day 1436: Endurance

Even though I’ve had the endurance to keep this daily blog going for almost four years (but who’s counting?), I’ve never written a post titled “Endurance” before.

So why write about endurance today?



Because I see endurance everywhere — not just in manufactured products but also in myself and other beings.

Even if we temporarily lose track of our amazing endurance, remember this: we’ve all had the endurance to get here, to this very moment. And I have this enduring belief:  for each of us, that endurance has NOT been easy.

Do you have the endurance to get through all my other photos from yesterday, when I endured cardiac rehab and much more?


























We had the endurance to get through those. Yay!  I live to share many things with you, including music. Do you have the endurance to sing along?

Now I need the endurance to work on this bright, bright, bright sunshiny day.  What will help me have that endurance?  Patients, patience,  co-workers, and work that I love.

Do you have the endurance to leave an enduring  comment? I have the endurance to appreciate anything you live to share.

Thanks to all who helped me have the endurance to create today’s post and to you — of course! — for having the endurance to be here, now.

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25 thoughts on “Day 1436: Endurance

  1. Your own endurance astonishes me and inspires me!

  2. I am so happy to be able to endure commenting here and liking your posts. Unfortunately, I am unable to like most WordPress posts from my iPad, for enduring reasons I do not comprehend. Neither does WP tech support!

  3. “Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.”~~ Buddha~~

    From today’s Pearl of Virtual Wisdom…

    gigoid, the dubious


  4. I’m glad to endure getting through my morning to get here and endure through your photos! Love that kitty cat in the arms of the angel figurine! I haven’t seen that one. Now I must endure the stores to find one! 🙂

    Glad you are enduring through Cardiac Rehab and as always, shining through whatever you endure.

  5. The Jewish mother joke is one I’ve been telling for at least thirty years–which makes me think about the enduring power of humor. I forget where I heard this but a rabbi said comedians are God’s favorite people because there’s no greater mitzvah than making people laugh.

  6. The word endurance has always somewhat of a negative or unpleasant connotation to me-like you endure the pain, the suffering, the boorish behavior of others- something you get through with clenched teeth – until your post today, Ann.
    Offering admirable strength and coming out unscathed. A winner.

  7. Oy to the world … May we all endure with humor and goodwill to others 😊

  8. Pictures to make me smile for that I thank you

  9. “Blessed are those who endure the trials of life, for they will be worthy of God’s promise. And one day will wear the crown of glory.”- St. James
    You have endured well, Ann. One day, but not for some time to come I pray, your crown will be ready to adorn you.

  10. Wasn’t Shackleton’s ship the Endurance? Or maybe the Franklin party. Hmm…this is going nowhere positive and enduring is good. Was that a fishcake on your dinner plate? Yum. I made some of those last weekend and they are the best comfort food in my enduring list of comfort foods…Thanks for enduring this comment!

    • Shackleton did endure on the Endurance. On the plate was breaded cod, which was enduringly comforting …. like your comment! ❤

  11. Endurance is my business

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  13. Your endurance is admirable

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