Day 1434: Face Time

Face it! For the second time in the (almost) four years that people have been facing time and having face time with my daily blog, I’m publishing a post titled “Face Time.” I wrote that previous Face Time post during the time when I was facing my first open heart surgery AND  when my only son (who has a great face) was leaving for a five-year program at the University of Edinburgh.

Now it’s time to face

  • another day,
  • the consequences of the U.S.  presidential election,
  • my ongoing recovery from open heart surgery AND unexpected pacemaker replacement surgery,
  • another New England winter,
  • my son returning home on December 22 for the holidays, and
  • the faces in the photos I took yesterday.










If you have the time, please tell me which faces are  your favorites.

Do you have time to face the music of “Feliz Navidad”?


Thanks to all the faces who helped me create today’s Face Time post and to you — of course! — for having face time with me, here and now.


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37 thoughts on “Day 1434: Face Time

  1. You are so wonderfully weird! Loveya xxx

  2. Face it- it’s the face time with your son pic! Save face, Ann, admit it. The rest pale in comparison.

  3. Your baby boy is sporting a full beard ! Enjoy the holiday visit, Ann. 💛 💙 💜

  4. Sitting here in the intermittent rain storm and reading the blog and comments, I have to face it. I cannot choose. Aaron face timing the cat is pretty good. You and Aaron have the. Same face, minus the beard!

  5. For me it is time to face another day, another stinking bloody hot day although right now it is ok but it is still only 6.35am and the heat hasn’t started yet.

  6. Tinker Bell looks so nice with the X-mas lights, but Harley had to FaceTime Grumpy about the angry cat in the picture. He just won’t have it!

  7. That sweater though! lol!

  8. wishing you an easy, speedy recovery, Ann 🙂

  9. I love the tree deer and, of course, Aaron’s Face Time pic. I hope he has had a good first term in Scotland.

  10. so many faces! love that little deer in the tree 🙂

  11. Lets face it, Aaron is looking like a rugged Scotsman!! Thank you for sharing FaceTime Ann 💛

  12. The little faun in the tree and the fetching red and white creature with polka dots are my favorites…Glad Aaron will be heading home for a bit.

    • Face it … I believe that fetching creature with polka dots is a slice of pizza. I’m always glad when you head over here for a bit. ❤

      • I DID like the pizza, which was indeed fetching,, but below and to its left was a red creature with four legs….and some polkadots on its chest.

      • Face it, I didn’t even notice that fetching creature until you mentioned it. I DO like that one, too!

  13. Face forward is the best way to see the future.

  14. Fleece Navidad!!

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