Day 1428: Play Like an Animal

What does “Play Like an Animal” mean?  I wondered about that, yesterday, when I saw this at a local supermarket:


Apparently, playing like an animal involves finding your way.

Tomorrow, when I find my way back to my job after a two-month medical leave, it will be time for me to work like an animal. But what kind of animal will that be? Will it be a tired animal? A healthy animal? This animal will know more, soon.

Do any of my other photos from yesterday play like an animal?






















Don’t be shy …. please play like an animal, here and now, by leaving a comment below.

Before I work out like an animal at cardiac rehab, I have time to share this play-like-an-animal music:


Playful thanks to all the animals who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — no matter how you’re playing or working today.



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42 thoughts on “Day 1428: Play Like an Animal

  1. Play like a mad, play like an animal and feel free to be the one you always wanted to be. Play fulleas is the true art of living

  2. Amanda Curtin

    Hope your first day back goes really well. I know you have been missed and will be welcomed with love. Loved the Animal’s song! Oh Lord please don’t let me be misunderstood…

  3. Wow! You’re back to work already!!! It doesn’t feel (from where this animal lives in Canada) like it’s been two months — though I’m sure to that animal spirit alive and well and beating freely in your heart, it feels like forever!

    So glad to hear you are back in full animal -play mode!

    Oh, please don’t let me be misunderstood! I’m super-animal-atedly excited!

    • This comment makes me want to play like an animal, Louise, just in time for me to start work again tomorrow. Thank you for your beautiful, lively, and playful spirit.

  4. You made me think of “ayoye tu m’fait mal, mon Coeur d’animal”, which means ayoye you make my animal heart feel bad. A French Canadian tune that was famous in Quebec in the 70s when I was growing up Anne lol.

  5. I hope you have a fabulous day Ann!!!

  6. We just saw an exhibit in the Native American Museum showing different animals depicted in artwork and the symbolism of each. Grrrrrrrrrmeowwooftweet, Ann. I sure wouldnt want to be a deer this time of year.

  7. Whenever our dogs play I always think the one rule is, Everybody plays, everybody wins. T

  8. First thing I thought of with this title was the CUBS. My Cubbies played like animals and won this year! I wept with joy.
    Be the type animal who is very kind to yourself today, Ann.

  9. They sent mixed messages by writing ‘play like an animal’ next to a maze. Makes me think of lab rats, who are most likely not scurrying for fun. But the squirrels do look very happy, albeit in acorny way.

    How is Harley doing these days?

  10. Play like an animal means pouncing on a task, an opportunity, a cookie, a playmate, with gusto and enthusiasm. You’ll get your bearings and your animal mojo back soon Ann. Enjoy your days back at work by taking a leisurely stroll to the watering hole and reacquainting yourself with your workmates.

  11. Quite a menagerie you’ve got there; and the fishcakes are done to a turn as we say in England.

  12. Play well Ann! Have a wonderful day 💛

  13. Just letting you know that I was here and I liked the post

  14. Those crab cakes look yummy!

  15. Grumpy, this post says ‘play like an animal’. Isn’t that what we’ve been doing all along?

  16. Just play! Like an animal, like a girl, like YOU! But just play 🙂

  17. Ahhhh…the Unicorn tapestry! The ultimate playful animal! Good luck your first day back. Don’t over do it!!

  18. A great band

  19. Playing like my dog would involve accidentally sitting on your friend and squashing them half to death. That poor kitty keeps getting sat on. Luckily my dogs only 5kg and about the same size as her kitty friend.

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