Day 1420: As beautiful as the universe

The universe of today’s title comes from another beautiful teabag.


While I was enjoying a beautiful cup of tea last night, I was equally wondering whether or not that teabag was giving me a compliment. These days, the universe has not seemed as beautiful to me  as it has during other times.

However, even though I am equally  frightened and hopeful about the future, I believe the universe is still beautiful.

Which means that I am, too!

Are any of my other photos for today as beautiful as the universe?


















Because my beautiful boyfriend, Michael, does not appreciate the beautiful universe of wordplay, I refrained from making any puns about that last image, last night. Today, I’ll  write that big-S is as beautiful as the big-S universe.

Tonight, my beautiful friend Barbara and I are seeing Michael McDonald, who has one big-ass voice.  Here he is:


To me, “Minute by Minute,” “What a Fool Believes,” and “Taking it to the Streets” are all equally as beautiful as the universe.

Thanks to all the beautiful-as-the universe people who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for being as beautiful as the universe, here and now.

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42 thoughts on “Day 1420: As beautiful as the universe

  1. i love that teabag and i love michael mcdonald. my favorite song of his is ‘i can let go now.’ it always makes me weep with its beauty.

  2. “Disarm hate” is the most beautiful thing in the universe I’ve seen of late. Unless you count the tree swallow, red breasted sapsucker and pied-billed grebe I saw this morning.

  3. He just so great…

  4. First I hope you are having a speedy recovery and you are still being included in my daily prayers.
    My thoughts on your offering today. I don’t think the universe ever changes. It is here on earth that we change things, objects, roads, buildings or add cars, boats etc. However we can and will add our essence as we all come from the universe and will return to the same. Therefore we are all beautiful.
    We all add something of our essence that will be a part of the universe for eternity and yes it is and I am. Have a great day.♥

  5. We have no choice but to move forward and do our best to make the world more beautiful tomorrow than it is today. We can do that together.

  6. Carl Sagan who understood a lot about the universe said “We are all star stuff.” A super nova is the most destructive force in the universe that we know of and yet it sows the seeds of creation.
    On another note your teabag telling you how beautiful you are reminds me of the time I was in a bar and heard a voice say “Nice shirt!” And then a minute later, “Great haircut too.” I wondered where it was coming from. The bartender said, “The peanuts. They’re complimentary.”

  7. Snoring Dog Studio

    Christopher is funny! Yes, beauty is all around us. And the ugly around us, too, is as necessary–it reminds us to preserve the beauty as much as possible. Your ‘Goose Crossing” sign pic is a reminder that fall is here. And with the geese comes the dance to avoid their droppings. But it’s all a part of nature.

  8. You are indeed as beautiful as the universe my dear Ann! I like the ‘this is not an exit’ photo. It’s like: you can’t leave, and even if you do, you’re still part of us in the universe. ❤
    Diana xo

  9. I have to get me some of those teabags! I know we are beautiful as the universe, but a little reminding can go a big S way to supporting our good outlook. You are doing fantastic!

  10. The universe doesn’t care — whether we think it’s beautiful or not — it just is. Always. It is.

    So… I figure I may as well believe it is all beautiful — as are we — as we are this universe in which we live. 🙂

    Love Michael McDonald. And your tea bag. And your photo of Good Crossing sign and all the photos. They are all as beautiful as the universe, just like you!

  11. There is much beauty in the universe most of it most of us do not see, because we walk around paying no attention to anything except those little bits that smack us in the face, life is good, life is to be lived and enjoyed and when we open our eyes and see the big picture life is beautiful

  12. As beautiful as the universe are your landscapes Ann.

  13. The beautiful water photos tell me the universe has a good chance of being as it should be. Go wide. I find something can almost always be found wrong close up, but if I keep my vision bigger things look better, at least in the relatively safe world we inhabit. I hope you keep healing on track. What a strange year this will be to remember: the heart surgery, Aaron in Edinburgh, the weird election…

  14. I’m always inspired by the invitation to participate in random acts of kindness, so that’s my favorite image. And I’m sure the Michael McDonald concert was just wonderful. He is definitely one my favorite voices. How fun!

  15. I like the lake pics

  16. I enjoyed listening to Michael McDonald. I haven’t thought about him in years. I’ve always loved his music. We have coyotes here in the neighbourhood and I’m always on the lookout, especially when I’m walking Frances. She’s already come nose to nose with one. She’s fearless. Luckily my husband was close by and scared the coyote off.

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  18. I would like to know where you buy those awesome teabags 🙂

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