Day 1419: Let us be kind and compassionate to remove the sadness of the world

Yesterday, a kind and compassionate teabag removed the sadness of my world.


Let me be kind and compassionate to remove the sadness of the world, as best I can,  with this story:

When I was at cardiac rehab yesterday morning, feeling the sadness of the world, a guy (who had been kind and compassionate to me the week before) teased another guy there, like so: “You lift weights like a girl!” I immediately said, “Is that still an insult?”

Was that kind and compassionate?

When it became obvious to me that my new pacemaker/defibrillator was not being kind and compassionate to my heart while I was exercising, I decided to leave cardiac rehab early. I said to the guy, “I’m leaving, but it’s not because of what you said.”  He replied, “Hey! I’m doing my best, you know. I used to be a truck driver. I’m evolving!” I said, “We’re all evolving.”

Was that kind and compassionate?

To me, it felt like it removed some of the sadness of the world.

Soon after that, my kind and compassionate doctor, Mark Estes, removed the sadness of my world by reprogramming my pacemaker/defibrillator and by giving me more hope about my future. We also talked a little about the sadness of the world, which felt kind and compassionate.

Let us be kind and compassionate with my other photos from yesterday:





Do those remove any sadness from your world?

Here‘s the kind and compassionate music removing the sadness of my world, here and now:


Will you be kind and compassionate and remove the sadness of the world with a comment?

Let me be kind and compassionate, thanking all  who helped me create this post and you — of course! — for bringing your kindness and compassion to my world, today.

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37 thoughts on “Day 1419: Let us be kind and compassionate to remove the sadness of the world

  1. Great Post.

  2. It is amazing what mankind can do when working in harmony. Both the music and the applause show people operating as one unit. Wonderful.

  3. I’m feeling kind and compassionate to you for your post today, Ann. I am on my lanai and read your post to my husband, then played the Mozart. He kindly pointed out they could probably hear it across the lake!

  4. I would have commented earlier but Mozart was a bit longer than I expected, Ann. I might need s whole box of those tea bag tags to lift my sadness-
    Now this music isn’t as highbrow as yours but I am sending it in case you need it

    • When I was deciding what rendition of the Mozart piece to use in this post, I listened to the Piano Guys, and I was overwhelmed with sadness about the recent loss of one of their daughters. Sometimes the sadness of the world is too much.

      I always need the kindness and compassion you bring, Ruth.

  5. Kindness and compassion are the best tools to create a better world.

  6. It is kind and compassionate to remind people to think before they put their months in gear? Evolution seems to be taking a long time. I hope your world treats you with kindness and compassion today.

  7. Oh, Ann…your first photo turned me into a melting pot of compassion! So sweet and innocent. Inviting. Relaxed. Enjoying the moment. Just the way I’m enjoying the incredible virtuosity of these musicians and their conductor–each doing his and her small, contained, thoughtfully nuanced best to make Mozart sing! Just the way I hope your pacemaker/defibrillator sings pending small adjustments. Workout rooms are laboratories for many things besides building muscle. Compassion and humility being two virtues that come to mind. Thanks for sharing your experience and your hope!

  8. If only more of our politicians could be kind and compassionate. They seem to think it’s a sign of weakness and it gives some of their ardent followers permission to be mean and indifferent to the circumstances of their fellow man. At our school Kindness is the character education theme for December. I think if we practised kindness all year and performed random acts of kindness daily we’d live in much happier world.

  9. “Is that still an insult?” offered an opportunity for that guy to think about what he’d said. You put faith in his willingness to learn.
    The greatest expression of compassion may be putting faith in the compassion of others. And there’s no better way to diminish the sadness of the world.

  10. Let us be kind and compassionate to remove the sadness of the world by listening to Mozart:

  11. may you, he,
    we, all beings
    and especially
    that pacemaker
    continue evolving,
    with kindness & compassion 🙂

  12. Another bloody great post, just saying

  13. I think we can only relive the sadness of the world a few people at a time. But that should be enough. Sending compassion and joy through the ether! Hope that defibrillator starts doing what it should.

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  15. Being kind and compassionate is the only answer.The girl comment reminded me of this video

  16. Snoring Dog Studio

    I’m trying. I really am.

  17. The kindness and compassion you share here and give to others is making the world a better place Ann.
    Thank you 💕

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