Day 1418: Qualified

Because I’m not qualified to give you an exact definition of “qualified,” here’s how it’s defined online:

1.officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job; certified.
“newly qualified nurses”
2.not complete or absolute; limited.
“I could only judge this CD a qualified success”

Yesterday,  I asked my boyfriend Michael — who is qualified to be a boyfriend, a cook, and (according to one of my doctors) a nurse — how he was feeling. Michael qualified and quantified his feelings like so:

 I am Q fine.

While Michael is more qualified than I to explain exactly what he meant, I can tell you that “Q” stands for “Qualified””  I will also qualify that by explaining that Michael’s “Q” reflects the second definition of “Qualified” above.

Why is my qualified boyfriend responding that he is “Q fine”  lately?  Again, Michael is more qualified than I to describe his thoughts and feelings, but I am qualified to guess that Michael’s feelings are qualified by worries about whether Donald Trump is qualified to serve as our President for the next four years.

I don’t think of myself as a qualified photographer, but some of my readers do. Here are my qualified images from yesterday:


I think those photos need to be qualified as follows:

  1. My son Aaron and I are both qualified to use FaceTime to communicate while he is away at school in Scotland.
  2. Aaron was qualifying many of his remarks to me yesterday while playing with tomatoes.
  3. Even though I am a qualified mother, I did not tell Aaron to stop playing with his food.
  4. We are all qualified to practice mindfulness, to breathe, and to make time for ourselves.

Am I qualified to pick the right music for today’s post? Yesterday, Michael and I heard beautiful music on the radio played by Nicholas McCarthy, who is completely qualified as a concert pianist despite having been born with only his left hand.


How would you qualify your thought and feelings, here and now?  You are the ONLY ONE qualified to truly know and express your own experience.   I declare that as a qualified psychotherapist, mother, and  human being.

I am also qualified to give unqualified thanks where thanks are due — to all those qualified people who helped me create today’s post and to you, of course!



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21 thoughts on “Day 1418: Qualified

  1. We are all qualified to breathe! love it Ann.💛
    As a qualified Kripalu yoga teacher I am off to teach my peeps.

  2. Your dictionary definition of “qualified” made me curious about its etymology so I went to the Oxford English Dictionary. The etymology is murky; the editors didn’t feel qualified to make a firm judgment but believe it may come from Middle French “qualifié”, which has among its definitions “possessing a title of nobility”.
    In our society we’re qualified to say who’s noble and who isn’t. It’s no longer granted by birth but is a quality of character, which is why I feel qualified to call you, Aaron, and Michael very noble people.

  3. Dawn in MI

    As a qualified retired person I can say that being qualified is highly overrated. I hope you have an overly qualified wonderful day!

  4. Qualified to make a comment and qualified to spend time relaxing today…I wonder if the puppy pie is good…probably not qualified to judge.

  5. I think Aaron is a qualified, paid-up, member of the full beard generation

  6. I think your post is a qualified success!

  7. I do beg your pardon Ann! I just looked up qualified/unqualified success and saying qualified success is not a good thing to say really! I think I meant UNqualified. 🙂

  8. I’m qualified to say your blog is the best! I love the FaceTime photos of Aaron. Looks quite Scottish with his red hair and beard, too. I’m doing video sessions with clients while we’re in Florida, and yesterday did one outdoors while my husband took a tennis clinic. Earbuds and iPad, plus YMCA wifi will travel!

  9. Tomato/tomatoe. I’m not qualified to comment on juggling tomatoes but do feel qualified to say you entertain me with your photos and word play and I give you unqualified thanks.

  10. I’m also qualified to say you have a wonderful son!

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