Day 1417: Tough

The tough title of this post is inspired by the first photo I was tough enough to take yesterday, while I was doing some tough exercises at cardiac rehab:


Based on my understanding  of (1) the word “tough” and (2) the staff at cardiac rehab, I assume they meant  I am “strong and resilient” rather than “difficult.”

If you want me to provide citations for those two definitions of ‘tough,” one word:


The last few months have been tough for me, as I’ve undergone several  tough cardiac-related surgeries and suffered other tough slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Apparently, I’m tough enough to take it,  because here I am, writing this tough post today.

Now, some of my tough readers probably want to know how tough my day was yesterday, since I mentioned in yesterday’s tough post that I’d be seeing lots of tough doctors and getting some tough tests at my tough hospital.

I hope it won’t be too tough for you to tough it out through several other tough photos from yesterday, first.


































For those of you tough enough to make it through all those tough images, here’s my news from my tough day:

The news is good.  My tough doctors told me that all the tests show that I am exactly where I should be, after all the tough things I’ve been through.  As a matter of fact, my tough doctor, Mark Estes (not pictured), said this to me:

We’re going to keep you going until your 90s.

While recent events have shown lots of tough people that it is VERY tough to make accurate predictions, that was not tough for me to hear.

It’s tough for me to decide which tough music to include for this tough post, so I will leave that to my tough readers.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The tough writer of this tough blog does need to get going, but not until I express thanks to all, with three more tough photos:




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45 thoughts on “Day 1417: Tough

  1. Well, I for one, am glad you toughed it out…and also thankful for chocolate cake.

  2. Giving thanks is always good. We probably don’t go it often enough, given all we have.
    The alcohol and politics and in-laws sign should sum up many a Thanksgiving table across the USA.
    Your gift shop items with the pie and butter thoughts speak to me as I prepare for cold weather.
    I think I didn’t truly address your tough theme, Ann but prefer the resilient definition.

  3. Wash all you want, but don’t use the shower? That is a laugh.

    I’m glad that your tough tests and tough doctors gave you some good news. The tests may have been hardest on Dr. Salem, though. He looks exhausted!

    • Those signs gave me a laugh, too. Dr. Salem DOES have a tough job. It’s always good news for me to see you here, Maureen.

  4. The illustration about the glass of water being technically full if it is half air and half water is humorous but not true according to our usual understanding of the words. Otherwise, we could say that Food Banks with empty shelves are full (of air)

  5. Tough is telling your therapists not to listen if you whine, and know that you intend to exceed their expectations because you want to get the heck out of there as soon as physically possible.

    I practice what I preach: One of my therapists put me to the test, and I passed out from the torture! LOL! But mostly, I got stronger and stronger, then got to return home to my kitty boys, Andy and Dougy. It was a victory for us all.

    You, Ann, will succeed, too! You exude toughness!

    (I liked the glass example. It is, indeed, full! It’s all in perception and attitude.)

  6. The challenges we face make us realize how beautiful life is as we fight for more time, especially when we succeed. Congratulations!!!

  7. Well it seems The toughness has gotten softened by all the toughings..

    Good job 👏..

  8. That is good news. Sometimes it is tough being tough, but tough people don’t really have a choice

  9. Your tough blog brought a song to mind. Imagine high falsetto voice. “Are you Tough enough…”. It’s tough to believe but you are!

  10. I had a tough day on Tuesday. I did an intense lower body exercise. It was tough. My left leg was hurting yesterday because of that workout.

  11. I took finding just the right music to go with this post as a challenge and it turned it to be extremely tough. I’m still not entirely satisfied with my choice, but sometimes tough decisions have to be made.

  12. When the going gets tough, the tough get going… and get better!! Yeah. Great news Ann.
    I hope we get together before we are both in our 80’s 💕

  13. You are of the tuffest stuffs Ann! (I’m sorry I don’t always comment, life is barely leaving me time to write/read/live!!! But I do read you daily to see you and feel better. Because reading you always leaves me feeling better.) ❤

  14. When the going gets tough the tough go shopping has always been my motto. Glad you got good news Ann!

  15. I am things touch is not one of them, just saying, I am a big ole bowl of jelly

  16. Tough is what I am!

  17. I was glad to see the menorah as a symbol of hope for upcoming Chanukah. The bright lights continue to shine despite tough times.

  18. Great news, Ann. It wasn’t tough to hear at all. And I absolutely LOVE the glass (50% water, 50% air). Brilliant.

  19. i’m happy to see
    how all that exercise
    is keeping the camera
    in shape, Ann 🙂

  20. All looking good then. Brilliant!

  21. Sounds like things are going well with your recovery. Keep up the good work, Ann!

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