Day 1415: Outrageous Fortune

Yesterday, I had the outrageous fortune to


  • meet my sister Ellen, who is one of the leading women in my life,


  • live another day without allergies,


  • encounter a t-shirt which reminded me of my late father, who had the brilliant idea of renaming a local business “The No Fakery Bakery,”


  • reminisce with my sister about how my father’s submitting that winning name in the local bakery’s contest many years ago resulted in our family winning free bagels and cream cheese for a week,
  • breathe free,


  • realize that people are still singing and acting in the name of love,


  • meet my wonderful friend Barbara, who is one of my favorite people in the world,


  • see familiar faces in a local no-fakery bakery that ships all over the world,


  • spend time breathing and taking pictures on a bench near the Charles River,








  • see a bumper sticker with my boyfriend, Michael, which reminded us of an experience we had the day after my open heart surgery in September (which I had the outrageous fortune to share with you in this post),


  • realize that no matter what else is happening to me right now, my scars from all my recent cardiac-related surgeries are healing and no longer need dressing with gauze and tape,


  • and have another piece of Michael’s outrageous chocolate cake.




During times of outrageous fortune, it helps to realize how outrageously fortunate I am.

Tonight, I have the outrageous fortune of seeing Benedict Cumberbatch in a production of Hamlet at a local movie theater with  my friend Kathy, where we’ll have the outrageous fortune of hearing him recite these outrageous lines:

To be or not to be, that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them


As I’ve recently said to several people I have the outrageous fortune to know, during times of outrageous fortune I can reduce my outrage with Dickens and  with Shakespeare.

I just had the outrageous fortune of finding this music on YouTube in the name of love:


Will I have the outrageous fortune of seeing a comment from you, below?

I have the outrageous fortune of being able to thank all who helped me create this post and you — of course! — whom I am outrageously fortunate to know.

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39 thoughts on “Day 1415: Outrageous Fortune

  1. I had the outrageous good fortune to read your post for today, and get a big smile on my face! (Especially when I saw that piece of chocolate cake. My word! I can taste it hundreds of miles away from you, it’s so rich looking!)

  2. What a great bakery name. ☺ And the sheer nobility of the name Benedict Cumberbatch. 💝

  3. We are outrageously fortunate to read your blog and see your lovely images. The river looks gorgeous and the cake – divine! Also outrageously happy that you seem to be feeling better!

  4. I feel outrageously fortunate to be able to read your thoughts, Ann, for they are always all Annery, no fakery.

    The cake looks delicious; was there an occasion? Are you allergic to peanuts?

    Thank you for posting pictures taken along the banks of the Charles. I remember walking along the Charles when I was visiting my son, who was far far away from home at university.

    • The delicious cake was the latest trans-Atlantic cooking/baking lesson with Michael and Aaron, who is far away from home at university. As usual, I had the outrageous fortune to witness the lesson and partake in the results. And I have the outrageous fortune to have no allergies at all. Here and now, I have the outrageous good fortune to read another comment from you, Maureen.

  5. I had the outrageous good fortune of spending time in Boston years ago — and your photos remind me of that outrageous good fortune!

    And, I feel outrageously fortunate to visit your blog and read and see things that make me smile and laugh and feel oh so human.

  6. I am outrageously fortunate to be able to view the photos of your everyday life. I’m not a religious person but if I were I’d say that they “bless” me. Thanks! 😀

  7. More great landscapes it is our good fortune to enjoy

  8. There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in Horatio’s philosophy, but your philosophy, Ann, is expansive enough to encompass everything.
    This allows you to be open to the wonder of being.

  9. Benedict Cumberbunch – wow you are outrageously lucky (and chocolate cake as well – outrageous!)

    • Benedict Cumberbatch was outrageously delicious as Hamlet. I thank my outrageous good fortune to have seen him and to see you now!

  10. yeoldefoole

    Me? I’m no bargain basement blessing! But you? I am outrageously fortunate to get to read your thoughts. (Damn! That cake STILL leaves me Uneasy!)

    • I am outrageously fortunate to get to read your thoughts, too. (Damn! I’m so glad that we’re STILL in touch after all this time!)

  11. I like a good bakery, because I like cakes and such just saying

  12. What a beautiful river path. It is indeed outrageous good fortune to be able to visit it, and for me to see a picture!

  13. Just loving these pics with your new cell. How you make me smile, Ann. I do Love you and am really happy for your new lease on life!! ❤

  14. I’m feeling outrageously fortunate to have seen your beautiful sky images with the sun over the water- and that piece of chocolate cake- and no fake bakery is just the best ever

  15. Whoa Ann, I have the outrageous fortune to see these landscapes again. They are VERY good.

  16. SWOON!!! Benedict Cumberbach …. that is truly outrageously fortunate.
    (Imagining eating chocolate cake with him right now)
    Have a wonderful evening together.
    from your jealous friend outside of Philly

  17. “And by opposing end them.’ If only it ways worked out that way! I hope your time with Benedict C was awe-inspiring

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  19. Wonderful post

  20. Pingback: Day 1417: Tough | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

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