Day 1414: I wake up this morning feeling uneasy

Almost fourteen hundred days ago (but who’s counting?) I wrote a post titled Day 17: I think I wake up most mornings feeling uneasy. Here’s what I think, as I wake up this morning feeling uneasy:

  • That was an important post for me to write back then, because I named and accepted my feelings, which freed me up to look at next steps.
  • When I wrote that post, I ABSOLUTELY had significantly fewer reasons to feel uneasy than I do this morning.
  • Uneasy is not the only feeling I’m having these mornings.
  • I’m also feeling dread, hope, fear, disappointment, and love.

What helps when I’m feeling uneasy?

  • Naming it.
  • Connecting with others.
  • Self care.
  • Reminding myself, “It might be safer than it feels.”
  • Remembering that no matter how I’m feeling, some people out there are thriving and some people are suffering.
  • Identifying something I can do.
  • Doing it.

Here’s what I’d like to do right now: share my photos from yesterday, which I took when I was feeling uneasy (as well as many other feelings). But I’m feeling uneasy because:

  • I can’t access my photos.
  • WordPress is not saving this post as I’m writing it.
  • I need to restart my computer to complete this post the way I want to.


I’m going to just do it and hope for the best!



















Is anything making you feel uneasy, now that you’ve read my post and seen my photos?

When I was feeling very uneasy in the hospital after my recent open heart surgery, I listened to a Bach CD on repeat, mornings and nights.   Here‘s some Bach for us all:


More things that help when I’m uneasy:

  • Reading people’s comments on my blog.
  • Expressing gratitude to all  who help me create new posts in the morning.
  • Thanking you — of course! —  for making my life easier.


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58 thoughts on “Day 1414: I wake up this morning feeling uneasy

  1. Bach & chocolate cake- what a winning combination to help banish the uneasiness! Have a good day Ann!

  2. Mary

    Have a great day. Nice to read your log this morning!

  3. Amazing

  4. I’m feeling uneasy about the poor kitty who hasn’t been adopted yet. And that I have a lot to do today and instead of starting I’m messing around on the internet. And that I messed up the moon photography last night and it will be 18 years until we get a supermoon again and I’ll be 78 by then. And stuff in general.

  5. Your post has helped me step into easefull-ness. Please join me Ann 💕

  6. chocolate cake! nom, nom, nom!

  7. Avocado, chocolate and Bach…all at once. I so approve. Thanks, Ann. Ease into your day. ☺

  8. Thank you. Wise words.

  9. Everything is easy-er when I read your lovely words to the easy swing of Bach’s genius! 🎵

    • On a more serious note, this election has called me to the unease of those who live with it daily. And to do what I can do each day to resist reverting to false comfort–a kind of make-believe mindset that flirts with denial. I don’t feel hopeless. Just uneasy in a healthy way that is called for, whether I like it or not.

    • I like everything you say, Elouise. ❤

  10. Snoring Dog Studio

    I have an uneasy feeling that I’m going to have to live with feeling uneasy for a few years. Thank you for putting my uneasiness into words and pics. Love the fall trees!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your strategy, I have been feeling so uneasy for over a month now…so much so I haven’t even tuned into the echoing whines and protests of the most recent election results, so perhaps in that my uneasiness is a blessing. I will ask some serious questions of myself today thanks to you! 😉

  12. I’ve heard avocados described as a “super food”. I think chocolate cake is a super food too. If it makes you feel good, or just better, that’s super.

  13. Now I want some cake!

  14. I spend a good part of my life wise unease. Think chocolate cake and Bach are as good a remedy as any I have yet found.

  15. It sounds as if your MacBook Air had a cold this morning. Ann, I almost bought a Windows laptop but decided to stay with Apple once more. My MacBook Pro also gets very slow sometimes, but I’ve grown used to using Apple laptops.

    I wake up this morning feeling uneasy because I’m leaving P.R. to go to Florida permanently. This major change has me feeling uneasy because of my Aspergers condition, I am very intolerant of change. I’m trying my best to overcome.

    Ann, I tried to find “Switched on Bach” by Wendy Carlos for you, but I couldn’t find it. There are imitations of her now. I don’t know if you know, but Wendy Carlos pioneered classical music played with a synthesizer in the 1970’s (she oversaw the development of the Moog synthesizer). Here’s the closest I found (now there are many imitations of Wendy Carlos

  16. The chocolate cake works for me. :o)

  17. Well done for managing the post

  18. I’m sorry you’re feeling uneasy Ann, but I love, love, love the autumn leaves-lined path!

  19. may one
    or many
    of those
    of happiness
    offer grace
    & the feeling
    of ease 🙂

  20. yeoldefoole

    I’m uneasy, now that I’ve seen that chocolate cake slowly being dressed in icing. Ann, do you have any idea what that does to me? I what to jump through my phone’s screen to lick it! And I’m 61 years old!

  21. Amanda Curtin

    I woke up feeling uneasy, read your blog and didn’t feel alone! What also helps is connecting with all the people I care about. Lately we have been communicating pretty constantly, sharing articles, feeling our feelings and offering comfort. I feel like I am back in the 60’s. Everyone wants to get more politically active. And that chocolate cake looked so good!

  22. The frosting technique for the cake–fabulous! Result–beautiful. I’d be uneasy that my cake would not look as good.

  23. You shouldn’t feel uneasy about such lovely images from your day. I hope the sweet kitty easily finds a loving furever home and that you are feeling easy-breezy soon!

  24. Pingback: Day 1415: Outrageous Fortune | The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

  25. I am a bit behind catching up with people. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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