Day 1409: Adapt and Endure

When I was lying on the operating table last Friday, my cardiologist Dr. Mark Estes talked about what people, companies, and countries all need to do to survive, by quoting Helen Keller.

Adapt and Endure

He was referring to me — because of all the challenges I’ve faced growing up and surviving into my 60s  with a congenital heart condition — but  also to the USA, as everyone in the operating room looked ahead to the presidential election.

The election has been decided, and I am especially grateful, here and now, for Dr. Estes, his staff, Helen Keller, and everyone  else who is kind, loving, thoughtful, and wise.

Adapt and Endure

I can find no better words at the moment, so I shall  adapt and endure by sharing all my photos from yesterday.




























I have an attitude of gratitude for all who adapt and endure, including you.



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45 thoughts on “Day 1409: Adapt and Endure

  1. sending multiple “Get Well Quickly” thoughts your way.

  2. Everything will work out. It usually does. What is the background behind getting a check for zero dollars?

    • I think it’s because I’m on medical leave from work, Ray. I hope you’re right that everything will work out, including the global economy. Thanks for helping me endure and adapt.

  3. Adapt and endure
    The sky is still blue
    Lessons to be learned
    Thats for sure
    Hugs to you Ann 💕

  4. You are on your way, I have no doubt! An inspiring post today! Hugs and prayers for you, Ann.

    • Hugs and prayers back at you. Thank you for helping me adapt and endure. ❤

      • We’re in this mess together! I have my health issues as well, as you know, but a positive attitude is one of my great weapons to adapt and endure. I gain strength from you and I hope I can share great strength back!

      • You do share great strength back, in a most enduring way. ❤

  5. Great thoughts as usual, Ann. When they take the low road, we eat cupcakes. Soon I hope.

  6. Somehow your post and the photos with it returned me to a sense of safety and normality. It was a rough night for us, needing sleep for our trip south today and dreading listening to the fallout. But the morning is here, we are all still alive and well, if discouraged and uncertain what the future brings. It helps me to remember that the Buddha told us to release attachment and accept impermanence and emptiness, or reject them and stay locked in Samsara. So here we are. The next step, the next right thing. Love to you all, ❤️🙏😎 Sunny

  7. I believe adaptation, which humans are really good at, is one of the reasons why our species has survived so long. ❤
    Diana xo

  8. Adapt is a good word for all of us non Trump lovers to accept today and going forward.

  9. You and Dr. Estes quote the inspiring words of Helen Keller, but your own words are also often inspiring. That made me realize that, while your own words aren’t an exact repeat of Helen Keller’s, they’re still the same words–the same language. Your words and Helen Keller’s are equally inspiring because we all share in understanding them.
    On my way to work this morning I saw a word that also inspired me, and made me think of you, which is why I’m happy to share it here.

  10. Endure I will. Adapt? I am not so sure. May your pacemaker endure and endure and endure!

  11. Thank you for the reminder to adapt and survive. Not sure what adapting requires right now. Will start with an egg. Hope the fluid around your device is drying up.

    • I think an egg is a wonderfully appropriate place to start. You have helped me endure and adapt, Maureen, probably more than you realize. ❤

  12. Nice thoughtful post Ann. Continue sending you healing thoughts, dear friend.

  13. Love the quote — and the sign “If you don’t take care of your body where will you live?”

    It is a question for all of us to embrace so we can adapt and endure.

    It is a new day and part of this new reality is to accept and figure out how to move forward.

    In Love

  14. Adapt and endure are great words Ann, and this is more challenging for humans than for Harley or Oscar. It is in their nature to do so, whereas us humans tend to struggle a bit. I´m reading Scott Peck also, thanks to you.

    Ann I hope you feel better soon. Try to drink plenty of water (that´s what I do when I´m inflamed or retaining liquids). Just take it easy and let your body heal. Eat yogurt too (in case they gave you anti-biotics). Your blog is an inspiration to read, so please take care. (I´m sorry if I sounded motherly but I have that tendency with people who are not feeling well).

  15. You’ve had a lot of upsetting news lately Anne and I like the way you keep moving forward. I used to have a friend whose response to bad news was always a shake of the head and the words “End times, man.” There’s always an end to one time or another. And sometimes that’s a good thing. Keep moving through the trouble and joy.

  16. Love those pussycat socks. What’s with that sign? Please seesaw?? LOL cracked me up

  17. Snoring Dog Studio

    I’ve purposely avoided the news today and will probably continue to do so for quite some time. I’m finding much solace in reading posts like yours and the thoughtful, kind comments here – it has helped me realize that I’m not in this alone.

  18. Adaptation will certainly be required. Let’s hope there is not too much endurance

  19. I love adapt and endure. It is refreshingly honest and just sugar coated blahooey that just makes people more depressed. We all can either adapt and endure, or, not!
    I hope you are feeling better. I am 60 too. The body starts to let you know it.

    • It took me over a year to notice this great comment, Cindy. I’m still working on adapting and enduring and I hope you are too.

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