Day 1408: The News

Have you noticed that even when we say “enough,” The News doesn’t stop?

Here’s the latest news:  After I posted The News in yesterday’s new blog post, I went to cardiac rehab and told them the news that I was feeling  worse and more out of breath after getting a new Implantable Cardiac Device last week. (That device was replaced because of the news from the manufacturer that two people have died already from prematurely depleting batteries, which has  been in the news.)  When I exercised on the treadmill at cardiac rehab yesterday, the news was that my heart was not speeding up  correctly, the way it has been  between the time of my open heart surgery in September and my getting the new ICD last week.

How did I react to that news?  I had a complete meltdown, because the news has just been coming and coming at me for the past few months.

Then, I got into my relatively new car and drove to the hospital to deliver the news to my cardiologists.  It’s probably not headline news that I was crying and upset.  My worst fear was that I would hear this news:  Your new device won’t work as well as the old one and your only hope is to get ANOTHER new device.   That would have been too much news for me.

However, the news I got at the hospital was this: In more unexpected news, the pocket that holds my new device is filled with fluid, which means the new device can’t make my heart with its new mechanical heart valve speed up appropriately in response to new exercise. The news included this:  after that fluid is absorbed, the new device SHOULD act the way it was supposed to.

While that news was  “good,”  I don’t think it was news to my medical team that I had some new skepticism about “shoulds.”  Also, the new ICD won’t work correctly until the new and painful swelling and fluid go away, so I need to stay out of work for two more weeks. That might not be great news for my patients.

What’s the news, where you are?

More news: I’ll probably be watching the news tonight, because today is the United States Presidential election.

When I posted my news on Facebook last night, I included this:

I am just doing this to distract everybody from the election. You’re welcome.

What’s the photographic news from my not-so-new iPhone?






More news! We bought a new-to-us vegetable on Sunday, which Michael cooked in a new dish last night. It wouldn’t be news to me if one of my readers knew what that vegetable was (even though Michael and I didn’t).  I’ll tell you this news: Michael said the vegetable looked like fractals, and the Wikipedia page about that vegetable said the same thing!

What helps you deal with the news?  For me, it’s the power of love (also a song by Huey Lewis and The News):


The news would be good for me if you leave a new comment, below.

My final news is that I have new gratitude for all those who helped me create this new post and for you (and I hope that’s not news to you!).

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63 thoughts on “Day 1408: The News

  1. Well all of what you’ve written is news to me. Except about the US election of course — how could anyone in the world have missed that drama? 🙂

    What is not news to me is how amazing you are. How resilient and how incredibly courageous you are.

    All of that is not news. Just like how much I love to come here and visit is not news either!

    Hope the swelling and fluid become old news real fast!

  2. I was sorry to read your news today Ann and pray that you will soon be feeling better.

    The news here across the pond as you mentioned is the election. Today we find out who is going to be the leader of our damaged country. I feel like we are flying on a shoe string here and praying that the good Lord will intervene and give the good hard working folks that live and struggle financially here in the U.S. a president who will actually work for the people. However I have my doubts about that. It seems to me that Greed has taken the lead in America for quite some time now and the powers that be on Capitol Hill all seem to have bellied up to that bar and show total disregard for “WE THE PEOPLE”. I truly hope and pray that I am wrong.

    The last bit of news I have is that no matter what the out come of this election life will go on.

    I hope to read better news from you in the coming days and also hope that I can give you better news as well.
    Relax and think positively and I will do the same.
    Sending many healing hugs your way today. ((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))

  3. Eleanor

    This new news is really upsetting and let’s hope it is the last not good news you hear.
    I have a great feeling that the “should act” will become “will act” the way it is supposed to.
    The romanesco broccoli is beautiful and one of the most interesting looking vegetables and after Michael’s treatment one really delicious looking vegetable.

  4. I have seen that mystery veggie at the market…does it taste like broccoli ??? Hoping for nothing but good news for you and that heart valve, Ann. And thanks for distracting us from the election-speak. ☺

    • I did my best to distract us, for sure. I have to admit I’m very distracted as I’m writing this reply. The Romanesco vegetable tasted like a cross between broccoli and cauliflower.

  5. The news is that I didn’t know what a “broccoflower” was until I saw your post today.

    There are two forms of “Brassica oleracea” that may be referred to as “broccoflower”, one is shaped like regular cauliflower, the other has a spiky appearance. They share a light green color that is a similar hue to that of broccoli.

    The second form is “Romanesco broccoli” (the one in your post), which is the spiky one with fractal patterns on its flower head. It’s beautiful.

    “Brassica oleracea” is the species of plant that includes many common foods as cultivars, including cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, savoy, kohlrabi and kai-lan.
    In its uncultivated form, it is known as “wild cabbage”.

  6. Luis Del Castillo

    I am positive that you will make a full recovery now that your body got the news to get rid of the extra fluid around the device and I am sure that your body will respond to said news.
    that’s a weird looking veggie! it also looks like coral, I’m sure it tasted delicious!
    Take it easy the next couple of weeks, you will be just fine!

    • I will do my best to take it easy, but I am positive that’s going to be challenging. I’m so grateful to know you, Dr. Del Castillo.

  7. The news is: this is my favorite card:

  8. Wow, more news than you want but news that you need, I guess. I’m glad the device doesn’t need replacing and that time will allow it to work as it should. Sounds like those two more weeks should do the job, and all will be well. How was the beautiful, green and fractal romanesco? It’s a cruciferous veggie that I’ve long admired in the grocery store but never tried.

    The stress of today’s election is pervasive among those of us who fear what will happen to this country should the wrong person be elected. And trying today to be gentle in speech I’ll pass on the invectives. Because today is bound to be challenging, some more Metta (this version from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Making Space) for us all, and reciting it today may just get us through!

    May I be peaceful, happy and light in body and spirit.
    May I be safe and free from injury.
    May I be free from anger, afflictions, fear and anxiety.
    May I learn to look at myself with the eyes of understanding and love.
    May I be able to recognize and touch the seeds of happiness in myself.
    May I learn to identify and see the sources of anger, craving and delusion in myself.
    May I know how to nourish the seeds of joy in myself every day.
    May I be able to live fresh, solid and free.
    May I be free from attachment and aversion, but not be indifferent.

    🙏❤️🌞 Sunny

  9. Oh, Ann!!! Enough all ready! I so agree! Praying that the swelling and fluid decreases so that your heart can work right. You’ve had a tough journey, dear friend. It must come to an end! BIG (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

  10. That is some news, Ann. I’m glad the implantable device will soon function properly ( we hope).
    Is it safe to watch the election with a one speed device? Or do you have to tape it and watch once your pacemaker has dried?
    Hope you dry up soon, but just enough.

  11. Spread the news…what IS that vegetable? And I am so glad your medical news is good.

  12. It’s no news that I’m sending my best for your healthy integration and just overall feeling better.

  13. Ah yes, remember Huey and The News singing The Power of Love for the movie Back to the Future. This might be news to you, but there are two other songs with the same title, one by Jennifer Rush and the other by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Hope this is newsworthy to your post.
    Hope you are feeling better BTW. That would definitely be good news. 🙂

  14. You are so resilient and brave, Ann. You are entitled to a wobbly

  15. It would be news if you weren’t upset by this latest round of news. It’s not news that I thought of poetry, specifically of William Carlos Williams who said “it is difficult to get the news from poems”, and that dish made from a different greeny flower looks so delicious.
    That’s what led me to these lines which seem much more newsworthy at the moment.

    The whole world
    became my garden!
    But the sea
    which no one tends
    is also a garden
    when the sun strikes it
    and the waves
    are wakened.

    • I’m upset at the latest round of news, Chris. I love the news I read in every new comment from you. Much love to you.

  16. It is soooo hard to stay up all the time. I myself am really taking note of how stress (real and imagined) is taking a toll on my body. I don’t know how we became so over-reactive — I guess I don’t know how to take it all with a grain of salt. If we get past the initial knee-jerk reaction we find that there usually is an answer to our question. I am glad your news was good. Don’t feel you need to be “up” all the time — even in your blogs. Your human side is what we all love and identify with.

    • It IS so hard to stay up, Claudia. I am also really taking note, here and now, of how stress is taking a toll on my body and I’m trying not to be so over-reactive. I’m not sure how many grains of salt I need at the moment, especially because I need to be on a low-salt diet due to my heart. I love your human side, very much.

  17. Potential bad news about your pacemaker turned into good news. So glad!

    • Potential bad news indeed, Emilie. Who is to say how the news will turn in the future? I’m so glad to see you here.

  18. Marcia Dubreuil

    Why, it’s a star cauliflower, dude. We have to beat them back with sticks out here!
    Every time I see something amazing and weird and beautiful like that just growing up out of the ground, I’ve got to think that somebody, somewhere, really likes us. As Mr. Rogers always said, “It’s the apple skin way to say I love you.”

    • I’m seeing a lot of amazing and weird things growing right now, dude. Not sure what we’ll have to beat back with sticks in the days ahead. I really like and love you, my beautiful friend.

  19. Amanda Curtin

    I am so upset about what you are going through! I wish I could fly through the air and give you a big hug. I am glad you are able to lose it at times because too many things have been awful. I am glad you have such a wonderful support system to be with you as you feel it.

    • I am so upset abut what we are going through, Amanda. I wish I could fly through the air and give you a big hug, too. Thanks for being part of my support system. Much love to you.

  20. yeoldefoole

    Ann, that’s MUCH worse news than I see in my daily news feed of ever worsening news!

  21. Sending you a STRONG hug dear Ann.

  22. Sorry your news caused a melt down Ann… but I’m also relieved there is no more surgery. May the healing continue. I do love Sunny’s Metta share.
    Loving kindness and compassion nourishes the souls in times like this.
    You are loved and will get through this 💕

  23. The good news is… Always, always, always. It is good to hear from you.

    I will jump on the bandwagon of being disappointed in your news, and saddened by your tears. 😦

    Fortunately, the good news also includes you being surrounded by amazing friends, family and medical care!!!!

    It will take 2 weeks to decompress from the election. So, there you go. ❤

    • I’m not sure how long it will take to decompress from the election, Colleen, but the good news is … you. Always, always, always, always it is good hear from you. Much love. and thanks for being one of my amazing friends.

      • Oh Ann, thank you. I’m going to incorporate hope and a positive energy and faith into my country. I believe we ARE full of wonderful and kind people. Hard working. And determined. We will do this. And the thanks and appreciation are returned ten fold to you.

  24. I think that teabag holds very true given the enough is enough news you continue to be bombarded with Ann. What is the name of that wonderful vegetable???? I have never seen the likes of it before.

    • I went back to read the teabag and, while I am having trouble smiling, I love looking at your smile this morning. The name of the vegetable is Romanescu. I’m so glad to see the likes of you, every time. Much love to you.

  25. Good luck with the device, Ann. I am sure with time it will start to function properly. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

  26. I hope that the fluid issue is dealt with quickly. I’m glad to have escaped into the blogosphere this morning – the news with a capital N didn’t seem too appetising this morning. So you want news? OK. A few randoms: The south of France is beautifully sunny with blue skies and autumnal vineyards. My hubby has been left with no shoes and the clothes he was wearing by a thief who has stolen absolutely everything from his hotel room in Mayotte, including my camera, but he says he’s ok. I bought a pair of jeans in a charity shop and found a five euro note in the pocket.

  27. Thanks for the follow on Hanukah & the Angel and good luck with the ongoing Heart opportunities. Let it be your channel, for receiving love, filling with love and sending love. Love, David

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