Day 1403: Ever Vigilant

Yesterday, as I was waiting for my ever vigilant doctors to replace my recalled Implantable Cardiac Device (ICD), my ever vigilant sister Ellen showed me calendars of her awesome photographs, which included this:


Your ever vigilant blogger chose that for today’s topic, mostly because her new incision was bleeding SO MUCH last night and this morning that she was vigilant enough to return to the hospital so that her ever vigilant doctors could look at it.

That’s why your ever vigilant blogger is so late posting her latest vigilant post today. If my ever vigilant readers are worried, I want to vigilantly reassure them that I am going to be okay.

As ever, I will be vigilant about including other photos I took yesterday (in ever-vigilant chronological order):



























That ever vigilant teabag is reminding us that love has no fear and no vengeance.  With all the fearful things I’ve been dealing with lately, I LOVE that reminder.

I am ever vigilant to look for music that fits my daily blog posts. Since I’ve been “talking about my troubles” with blood, sweat, and tears lately, how about this?


I am ever vigilant to remember to thank those who help me create my posts (including my talented sister Ellen) and also you — of course! — for being vigilant enough to be here, now.

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34 thoughts on “Day 1403: Ever Vigilant

  1. I am so glad to see you back online, Ann, and glad that you were vigilant enough to go back to the hospital.

    Your sister Ellen is very talented, too. Thank you for sharing her photos and for blogging today. So much going in in your life.

  2. Eleanor

    It is just not fair that you have to go through this!!

  3. I hope all goes well. I have not been vigilant about reading posts! I do love the seal and the colorful shop photos. Wow. Stay vigilant!

  4. Glad you got the bleeding issue addressed quickly! We regular readers want you around and well for a long time, Ann!

    I enjoyed the peek at your sister’s calendar. She does beautiful work!

  5. Maria Talbott

    I’m relieved. Glad it’s over. Ellen’s pictures are wonderful.

  6. Incidentally, I took a look at her website (thanks for the photo that includes it) and signed up. Looks like I need to save up my cash because there are several photos I’d love to have!

  7. As one who usually checks in early I was concerned but am glad to hear the good news–that you’re still keeping up the pace.
    I love those calendar pictures–especially the harbor raft which earns a seal of approval.

  8. I’m awfully glad to see you and to know that all is OK, given the rough start. Now relax and heal!

  9. Thank you for vigilantly letting us know that you’re okay and all is well. Keep on keeping on Ann. 🌹

  10. So glad your doctor is ever vigilant!

  11. Glad you’re ok Ann! Muuaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh ❤
    Diana xo

  12. Thank goodness for your vigilance…. ❤

    And…for all of the times I've heard this song I've never SEEN it. I'm a little mesmerized watching….I'm not sure why!

  13. Hope the bleeding has subsided and you are on the mend. I know your Doctors are vigilant about keeping you well so I will not worry (too much) ❤ sending a hug

    • My medical team finally stemmed the bleeding with another surgical procedure. Your hugs and vigilant support are just what the doctor ordered, Lisa! ❤

  14. Does this make you a vigilante Ann? Glad things are under control again 💕

  15. Get all soon, Ann! May you still be the record holder many decades from now..

  16. Talk about vigilance–to keep up your blog and beautiful writing/photos definitely defines the word. You embody it, actually. 🙂

  17. Hope you feel better Ann.

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