Day 1401: What is the inspiration?

What is the inspiration for today’s blog post title?

It’s this card, which the inspiring Carla from cardiac rehab wrote for me, yesterday:


That is the inspiration for me to share this definition for “inspiration.”

1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
“Helen had one of her flashes of inspiration”
synonyms: creativity, inventiveness, innovation, ingenuity, genius, imagination, originality
2. the drawing in of breath; inhalation.

As you draw in your next breath, pause a minute and think about this:

What is the inspiration for you?

That question is the inspiration for me to list some inspirations, here and now:

  1. My late parents.
  2. My son Aaron.
  3. My boyfriend Michael.
  4. My family.
  5. My friends.
  6. Other kind people I encounter, every day.
  7. My work.
  8. My patients.
  9. The beauty I see all around me.
  10. Music.
  11. Things that make me laugh.
  12. Bravery in others.
  13. Writing.
  14. My readers.
  15. Delicious and healthy food.
  16. Self care.
  17. Nature.
  18. Animals.
  19. My doctors.
  20. Hope for the future.
  21. Acceptance of what is.
  22. Faith in myself and others
  23. Learning new things.
  24. Home.
  25. Taking time to heal.
  26. My iPhone camera.















One thing I photographed yesterday was the inspiration for Carla from Cardiac Rehab to talk, non-stop, for several minutes. Can I inspire you to guess what inspired her so?

Carla’s inspiration was …









… Mort, the hedgehog, who is riding high in a surgical mask, who always wears that hat, who gets dressed up in various outfits,  and who, one morning, was all packed to go to Las Vegas but “he missed his flight.” Nevertheless, Mort is the still the inspiration for many inspiring people who attend cardiac rehab at Mount Auburn Hospital.

What is the inspiration for my musical selection this morning?  I just searched YouTube for “inspiration music” and found this:

I’m hoping this post is the inspiration for you to leave a comment, below.

For all the inspirations who helped me create today’s post and for you — of course! — here’s one more inspiration from yesterday:


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35 thoughts on “Day 1401: What is the inspiration?

  1. Ah…”beautifully designed”…Ann K’s heart. 💘

  2. Fine post and inspiring Photos, as always

  3. You’ve inspired me to realize that if your sources of inspiration are everywhere you have a neverending well of inspiration. Inspiration is a source of art but has also been a subject of art, such as this picture of Voltaire that’s inspired many other artists.

  4. Lyrics to a song
    Are probably too long but
    Ann, you inspire all to see
    How to act non-judgementally
    Makes for a happier life for all
    But especially for me –

    (Chicago sings “You Are My Inspiration”)

  5. Ann,
    Inspiration can come from various sources. But, they that I find most inspirational, are those courageous who, though frightened, will go through trial all the same. Those I call saintly. And most appropriate on All Saints Day. You Ann are among those just mentioned.

  6. I am inspired by people who hold onto their humor despite great obstacles. In my personal life, that would be my dear friend Beth, who gives of herself to others with a smile and always a sense of humor, despite constant pain. She’s very special. And I love your whimsical side, Ann. You are inspirational, in particular when you think of how I’ve just described my friend. 🙂

  7. I’m inspired when things are going well. When I have anxiety, I Iose inspiration.

    • I’ve been inspired lately by Dr. Scott Peck, the author of “The Road Not Taken,” who points out that there are always problems and that the best we can do is accept that as the norm, letting go of our expectations that things will resolve. That way, we will judge less and be more present and ready to solve the inevitable problems that arise. What do you think of that, Maria?

      • That book was so popular when I was in college. Your mentioning it makes want to back and take a look at his writing again. Are you reading another book by him that you like?

        Yes, I agree, the expectations ( I also call it future) takes me away from the moment, and what you say makes so much sense. Thank you.

      • What I have from M. Scott Peck is a tiny book of aphorisms called “Wisdom from The Road Less Traveled” (Ariel Books). It’s a tiny book (2″ x2″).

      • And here’s the FREE PDF 25th Anniversary edition of THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED:

        Click to access Peck,M.Scott,The%20road%20less%20traveled-1.pdf

        Great to have on a tablet.

      • This copy was apparently transcribed in an odd way, because it seems it’s missing content, but it’s not. The copy is complete, but has some blank pages which one just has to read on to understand. The chapter headers are a bit off too. I don’t mind the discrepancies. Just thought I’d let you know. There are other PDF’s out there too, but I like the print on this one.

      • Thanks, Maria. I’m reading “The Road Not Taken.”

      • Oops! “The Road Less Travelled.”

      • Yup, and in case you’re wondering, those free PDF’s are using a Creative Commons License, but only for “The Road Less Travelled” book. Everything else he wrote has to be bought in Amazon for reading with the Kindle app. or in hardcopy. Thanks for bringing him up Ann.

  8. I am always inspired by you Ann. Best of luck tomorrow!

  9. Just dropped by to say hit, and to remind you that you inspire many of us

  10. Break a leg!

  11. Your humour is very inspiring

  12. What is the answer to your question about what inspired Carla? Curious minds want to know.

  13. You really have a lot of things which inspires you.
    And it is great,really.Because we usually such a small things do not notice

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