Day 1400: Pick me!

Thank you for picking me and my blog, today.

Why did I pick “Pick me!” for this post’s  title?

Lots of reasons to pick from, including this photo I took yesterday:


It looks like that pumpkin’s assertiveness is helping it get picked by that picky ghost. If I were going to pick a lesson from that, I’d say it’s good to ask to be picked. Why? Because you deserve to be picked, so why not ask for it?

I’m now picking this moment to cite another reason why this picky blogger picked  “Pick me!” for today’s title.  It’s the 6th anniversary of the day my boyfriend Michael and I picked to meet each other in person, after we had corresponded daily for over a month. I’m not sure why we both picked Halloween 2010 for our first date, but I’m so glad that he picked me and I picked him.

If you had to pick any of my other photos from yesterday, which ones say “Pick me!” to you?




















That last photo I picked, above, shows Michael, the picky guy I picked six years ago,  picking corn chowder as the recipe to share via cell phone with my son Aaron, who recently picked the University of Edinburgh as his college and residence.

What music should I pick for this “Pick me!” post?

I’m picking a song from The Spinners album Pick of the Litter — Just as Long as We Have Love.

If you’re thinking of leaving a comment for a blogger, pick me!

I’m glad I picked all those who helped me create today’s post and I’m very glad you picked this blog today.

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33 thoughts on “Day 1400: Pick me!

  1. As is typical, I pick the photos of the lake, Ann. And I also pick YOU!

  2. I stopped by, direct evidence I picked you! Hope your recovery is coming along. That corn chowder sounds yummy, and I would pick that over the brownie batter hummus. Ugh! What a waste of hummus!

  3. A Halloween first date ? Great pick, Ann. 🎃

  4. Aside from the Halloween first date. I like several but my first choice is the first one. Looks like it was painted by children and sends a happy message. Then the swans gliding across the lake, so regal. My final and the one that made me laugh the loudest, Help daddy farted and we can’t get out!!! I think many people will relate to that one. :o)))))) Thanks for sharing and Happy Halloween Anniversary. xo

  5. amusez798387

    I pick ” Boo mont Center”. Have fun celebrating you Halloween anniversary.

  6. Corn chowder! I have never tasted that. I would like to make it. Is it vegetarian or made of chicken stock?

    Happy anniversary. You picked well!

  7. I pick any of those landscapes there!

  8. I pick your blog as a great place to stop daily and Halloween as a great day to meet someone new. It’s wonderful how it worked out for you and Michael. And you’re so lucky to have a son like Aaron. As the old saying has it, you can pick your friends and you can pick a fruit but a guitar player always needs a pick.

    • I pick your blog as a great place to stop daily, too, Chris. And I thought the old saying was that you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

  9. I definitely pick your blog today! Happy Halloween! 🎃💀👻❤️😎

  10. The third landscape would be my pick

  11. I’m picking those lake scenes as my favorites. ! But the kitchen counter is a close 2nd!

  12. We all pick you 🙂

  13. I’m always so happy to pick you!

  14. Brownie batter hummus? BROWNIE BATTER HUMMUS? I don’t know whether to laugh or be grossed out! 😉

    • What would you do if I told you that picky me actually thought it tasted pretty good — laugh or be grossed out?

      • I would trust that….. after I responded to you I do remember a friend bringing in brownies made with black beans. They were super moist and didn’t taste half bad.

  15. I love both paintings! That aggressive little pumpkin is very cute and I really like the orange car in the second painting. Good picks, both!

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