Day 1398: Out of Order

Yesterday, at cardiac rehab, I saw this sign on one of the exercise machines:


Here are my out-of-order thoughts about “Out of Order”:

  • In the past, out-of-order machines have made me feel uneasy and unsafe, because I’ve been relying on cardiac pacemakers to keep me alive since I was 10 years old.
  • My current  pacemaker is being recalled by its manufacturer, which has placed my plans to return to work next week after my September 21 open heart surgery out of order.
  • My Boston cardiologists have ordered an operation next week to replace my current pacemaker, because other out-of-order pacemakers like it have already killed two people.
  • I am trying to get my thoughts and feelings in order about all this by writing in this blog, talking to friends, and consulting with experts.
  • I shall now show you all my other photos from yesterday, out of order:
















Would I be out of order if I chose this Duncan Sheik song out of all the tunes titled “Out of Order”?

I am not ordering you to leave a comment about this “Out of Order” post, but if you do, that would probably help me put my thoughts and feelings more in order.

Usually I end every blog post with gratitude for all who helped me in the creative process and for all  my readers — of course! — but, instead, here’s another out of order photo (thanks to Mary Ann, a friend from high school):



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32 thoughts on “Day 1398: Out of Order

  1. A man walks into a bar. As he passes the cigarette machine, he hears it say, “You smell bad and you are ugly.” Then he hears a voice apparently coming from a nearby plate of peanuts. “You really are a very handsome young man.” the nuts claim.

    The man turns to the bartender and asks for an explination.

    The bartender replies, “The cigarette machine is out of order and the nuts are complimentary.”

  2. Hi A! Well whoa! Sucks to have had the recall on something like this – and lifting you up in my morning devotions today -;)
    The photos had some nice order to them (bah)
    And I just heard s Duncan sheik song earlier this week (barely breathing) and never heard this one you shared – I liked it!
    Anyhow – have a good week and sending you a smile and good thoughts my blog friEnd!

  3. Heavy sigh. This is not good at all, Ann. So sorry you are having to face surgery again. Wishing you peace, calm, a clear head and a healed heart. Virtual hugs. 💔

  4. At one point during his trial Oscar Wilde said, “I was drinking iced champagne, against my doctor’s orders.” The prosecutor shouted, “Never mind your doctor!” And Wilde calmly replied, “No, I never do.”
    I’m glad you do mind your doctor’s orders even when they cause some disorder.

  5. Nothing out of order about this post or these photos!

  6. Good luck with your next surgery. The only thing out order or potentially out of order is your current pace maker. Better safe than sorry. Sigh!

  7. If it’s not out of order, I’d like to say I liked that Oscar Wilde quote. In an orderly fashion, your out of order parts will be put right and life will return to it’s orderly state. It’s not out of order for me to enjoy your photos and observations. All will be well. Stiff upper lip and think of England!

  8. It is so frustrating when things are out of order- figuratively and literally 🙂 That saying on the tea bag was in order for today for sure Ann

  9. The unreliability of technology is a real concern, not a trivial one, when it comes to pacemakers or phones that catch fire on planes. There are some things where we need to invest in quality control over cost savings.

  10. I’m sorry about having more surgery. Better to know and replace now than the alternative. Nothing out of order with your blog, either!

  11. May all go well, Ann

  12. The one I usually see is “temporarily out of order”.

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  14. Mary Ann is a good friend which makes for a well ordered life and just what the dr ordered.

  15. May order be restored and all is well with you and the world Ann 💛

  16. I’m pulling for you —

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