Day 1397: Playful Spirits

Greetings to all you playful spirits, who have spirited yourselves here to read my blog!


This playful spirit saw that sign, yesterday, when she was on a playful and spirited trip to the Fresh Pond Mall with her spirited and playful boyfriend, Michael.

Speaking of Michael, before I met him, I was afraid of spirits. Indeed, as I  described in this spirited post from three years ago, I used to stay up all night when I was a playful child, listening for spirits and trying to protect my family from them.  Soon after I met Michael, I was doing laundry in the basement and became convinced that there were hostile spirits around me. I ran up the stairs and told Michael about it. Michael listened to my  spirited fears and then non-playfully replied:

“Ann. You do realize that there are no ghosts, right?”

The clear and simple spirit of Michael’s statement was enough to cure my fears.  Since then, I’ve had no fear of spirits, playful or otherwise.

I still won’t watch movies or listen to stories about malevolent spirits, however,  because sleep is very good for my spirit.

Here are all the other photos I took, yesterday, with a playful spirit:






















Which of those photos show  the most playful spirit?

I playfully and spiritedly choose this YouTube video for today’s “Playful Spirits” post:


My playful spirit wishes to express spirited gratitude to all those spirits who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for your spirited visit here, today. That makes me …


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22 thoughts on “Day 1397: Playful Spirits

  1. oh oh, it looks like there was a problem with the transporter when we were beaming Dorothy and Toto down to Kansas…. Actually, there was another Dorothy/Toto hybrid in the video – I didn’t realize it was such a popular dog costume.

  2. Dorothy puppy is such a playful spirit!!

  3. Now I most spiritedly want to adopt a cat.

  4. Smug pig gets my nod.

  5. High spirits can lead to hijinks which can lead to flying high, the ideal way to unleash your inner hero.
    I think the cat in the mouse costume is missing the advantage, though. What better way to infiltrate a group than by looking like one of them?

  6. Spirit filled and beautiful post Ann 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Really enjoyed the Monster Mash spirits video. Thanks.

  8. I recommend that you watch

  9. So many cute pictures. That includes Monster Munch one too.

  10. hello ann koplow its dennis the vizsla dog aww hay luk at all my animal kolleegs!!! i hope they all go to gud homes!!! umm eksept for the skulls and stuf those wuns ar skarry!!! ok bye

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