Day 1394: What drives us

Yesterday morning, I was driven to write a post about my first day of driving after my open heart surgery.

Soon after I drove that post into publication, I noticed my friend Eleanor was wearing a drivingly appropriate t-shirt while she and I were both driving our heart rates up at a cardiac rehab program:


For the rest of the day, I was a woman driven in many directions as I tried to make the drivingly best decision about whether to place a bid on a new home. It drove me crazy as I veered back and forth between “place the bid!” and “wait for another place!”

I don’t know about you, but when I am driven to make a drivingly important decision, I can be driven into paralysis, self-doubt, catastrophizing, polarizing ambivalence, fear, and other things that drive my self-confidence downward.

Why is it that one moment I am drivingly sure that a change is correct and the next moment I am as sure that it is NOT?

Here’s what helped drive me back into peace, yesterday.  Good friends let me know that I didn’t have to drive anywhere that I didn’t feel ready to go.  One of them drove a very helpful point home, with this text message:

I agree with Michael that there is no wrong answer!!! Also there are lots of wonderful houses that come on market every day so if you don’t put in an offer it’s not your only chance to move into a great place. These are things I tell myself when I’m worried about decisions/opportunities!

Here’s something that drives me: wanting the best for myself AND for other people , too.  Balancing my needs with other people’s needs is a driving goal for me, but sometimes it makes driving ahead complicated and challenging. As I drive myself to focus more on MY needs as the driving force behind my decision about placing a bid on the new home, here’s what’s driving my decision to pass on the house — its location is such that I would need to drive to get to stores, scenic areas, and other points of interest. Walking would be difficult because of the house’s location up in some hills. And in case I haven’t driven this point home throughout my blogging years — I am driven by my love of walking to interesting places.

Now that I’ve driven this point and this decision home, this woman driver now feels driven to include the other photos she was driven to capture yesterday:
























I love that statue of U.S. Justice  Louis Brandeis, where he looks like he is driving forward against the wind.

Here‘s another driving song for you all:


I hope this post drives you to leave a comment.

Every day, I am driven to express gratitude to all those who help me drive along this highway of life, which — of course! — includes you.




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28 thoughts on “Day 1394: What drives us

  1. I’m driven to comment today after missing your blog for a few days with one thing and another driving me away from my email. 📩 Glad you can drive again! 🚗 Good luck house hunting! 🏡

  2. I think you’re seeing all the right “signals” up ahead of you. You’ve “accelerated” your personal growth and I found this post “wheely” inspiring!

    • Judy! I love this car-ecteristically great comment from you.

      • My guitar is like your car, they both benefit from “tune ups.”And your heart, your car, and my guitar sometimes need battery changes, too!

  3. Whether or not to buy a house is a big decision. I can’t imagine trying to make a decision like that while recovering from heart surgery. You don’t seem to like being bored! I was interested in the range of feelings you experienced while coming to your decision. Sounds like what happens to me but I thought I was alone in that. Good luck with your future decisions. Not that it is my place to weigh in, but I would certainly be unhappy in a house on a hill that wasn’t walking distance from the store.

  4. I’m pleased you are behind the wheel again.

  5. Difficult decisions can drive you up the wall.

  6. Your eye is impeccable as ever. I often wonder if those same odd things are around me and I just don’t see them. Maybe driving to and from work and hanging around at home at night shortens the chances of finding lovely oddities. Onwards to the weekend, then!

  7. What drives us, beautiful landscapes Ann, beautiful light and color.

  8. I am driven to comment on those lovely fall foliage shots Ann- beautiful!

  9. Glad I was driven to find your site and see you are up and at it again. Take it easy and don’t drive yourself ragged trying to decide. It will all come together, eventually 🙂

  10. Too much driving sucks.

  11. Your posts drive me to wonderful thoughts, curiosities and insights. Depending on the path you take. 🙂

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  13. I wonder why you were at Fresh Pond? What a nice name for a pond

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