Day 1392: Depends

What’s my attitude about life?  Depends on what’s going on around me, how I’m perceiving things, and people I depend on.

How am I feeling as I recover from my recent open heart surgery?  Depends on how much sleep I’m able to get, which depends on how much pain I’m having.

How do I answer questions from myself and from others? Depends on the question, my attitude, my experience, and what I know.

How  do  I come up with a title and topic for each of my daily blog posts?  Depends on what’s happened the day before, usually.

How do I decide which pictures to share here?  Depends on which ones I think you might like.











How well do I quote other people in this blog?  Depends on my memory and what they have to say.  Yesterday, the dependably hilarious, brilliant, and charming Mel Brooks responded to a question from the audience as follows:

Question:  Boxers or briefs?

Mel Brooks:  Depends!

My choice of music for each post depends on several factors. Here‘s the theme song from Blazing Saddles  — the movie Mel Brooks showed and discussed yesterday:


Will you comment on today’s blog post?  That probably depends on what you have to say.

I depend on others to create every blog post and on you to read them, so many thanks to Mel Brooks, to my neighbor Karen for driving me yesterday to a realtor’s open house AND to see Mel Brooks, and to you — of course! — on whom I depend more than you know.


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39 thoughts on “Day 1392: Depends

  1. Did Mel come up with that joke about underwear spontaneously? Fast on his feet!

  2. that Mel Brooks is always so quick- hysterical! I remember when Blazing Saddles came out- saw it more than once- so risque for the times back then!! I depend on seeing a post from you everyday Ann, and am always glad I do! 🙂

  3. Depends! Not yet, but if it were time, I guarantee I would have needed them to contain my reaction to the joke! Hilarious, classic Mel Brooks!

  4. Briefs! Here’s to sunny days every day Ann

  5. Depends ! …Perfect response. ☺

  6. You may have been picking it up on my blogs. It’s a fundamental theme. We are dependent on everything there is – it’s not a choice. Independence is a myth. We are interdependent, and interconnected – rejoice! Did the American team ok the new pacemaker? Yeah or nay, you will depend on it. Let it be and keep laughing!

  7. I was right there with Mel! Sounds like you had a great evening Ann!
    I know I know, it depends on what I mean by great 😊

  8. Good to see you Ann -start the day with a joke!

  9. Mel Brooks has a tendency
    To joke about his sartorial dependency,
    But it’s more than just eyebrow raisin’
    To think his saddle might be blazin’.
    There’s an old joke he might have had in mind,
    And at ninety he’s heard many jokes of this kind,
    That we begin our lives toothless, diapered, and bald,
    And we’re the same when to our eternal rest we’re finally called.

  10. Mel cracks me up. nice post.

  11. I’ve got nothing brilliant to say but chuckling over this. 😉

  12. The minute I read your title my mind went straight to Mel Brooks’ answer haha! ❤
    Diana xo

  13. Mel Brooks not someone I am over familiar with saw Blazing Saddles of course as have pretty much every man and his dog.

  14. Of course, it all depends.

  15. may you continue
    beautifully finding
    special meanings
    in each new day 🙂

  16. Our National Trust organisation, which owns and manages buildings and grounds of historic interest, sometimes places teasels or other spiky plants on the seats of chairs to deter the visiting public from sitting on them

  17. Each day depends on the one before. It’s always like that…

  18. It has been a long, long time since I have seen that movie!

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